Politics over Uttarakhand Flood

In between the rescue operations , both Congress and BJP has chosen to politically utilize the situation while blaming each other of doing so. Uttarakhand has been hit by heavy flood due to torrential rains, resulting which, thousands of pilgrims and locals are left at the mercy of rescue team.The brutal flow of water has ransacked roads and houses and everything possible in its way.The Kedarnath Temple has been effected a lot.Above 100 are feared dead.Meanwhile,Gujarat CM, Narendra Modi visited the flood hit area on helicopter.Home Minister Union was quick enough to point out,only State CM should do aerial surveys while Congress’ Digvijaya Singh had already criticized Modi’s aerial survey. BJP on the other hand is giving Congress a hard time due to Rahul Gandhi’s absence in yet another crises.
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    1. Oh yes .. I learnt Rotis are being sold for 100 bucks and more
      Inhuman !! To add on , the political parties are busy capitalizing the situation in their favour.

  1. Everyone is trying make huge bucks from this situation,very sad state of affairs in our country,they are just playing with the life of thousand of peoples… Even the locals,if news are to be believed they are selling Rs.5 biscuit at Rs.200 which I believe is very inhumane.. 🙁

      1. Right now the two main protagonists are thinking about getting maximum mileage from the tragedy. Only God knows the true reason behind the tragedy and these people are answerable to him.

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  3. It saddens me to no extent…You would expect some humanity but one after the other the incidents that are getting unearthed are disheartening…Where are we going with this approach? Won’t it come back and bite us more in the a**??

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