Call Center Interview -1

Hello all,

This strip is a part of TakeLite 😉 Series which I have started and as I mentioned before, characters and situations in this section are not at all fictitious and most of them include me as a silent spectator. Today, I proudly introduce ‘Spyke’ to you. He is a owner of a  Mid-Sized Call Center and a hardworking guy who handles all the crucial positions of his company,recruitment being one of them .

Hence the last round of interview is always taken  by him. I being a friend visit him many a times while he is taking these interviews and there have been situations innumerable where the interviewee has made us laugh like crazy. This is one of the interviews.I was a silent spectator.Once the interviewee left the cabin, we laughed like mad dogs 😀 😀 😀 . 

Hope you enjoy the experience of Spyke with this interviewee.

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0 thoughts on “Call Center Interview -1”

    1. oh yes !! very much true !! .. I just mentioned few points .. this interview lasted unwantedly for about 20 mins and it was becoming difficult to stop laughing on the interviewee’s face !! 😀

      1. I really hate HRs of the company as they call you and irritate the hell out of you and never come up with a concrete answers and keep you hanging on for months…I would have loved it more had the doodle be vice-versa of this one…

        1. hehehe.. i will share some of similar experiences soon.. this is one of the true .. stories where we were taken aback at the heights of the confidence of the interviewee.The way he would answer back was hilarious.
          Your version of the story is a promise in near future 🙂 I have been an interviewee and interviewer both within a short span of time.. hence I have many stories in stock where the interviewer would make you giigle on his/her face !!

          1. Oops I never knew you are an interviewer…..Mai toh mazak kar rahi thi HR walle ache hote hain,,,,ekdum mast, aakhir hume naukri toh wohi log dilate hain..hamare aan daata :p :p

  1. Hahahahhahahahahahahahaha
    Dude you forgot to sketch this guys father who was so proud about the fact that his son was making BUGS and was there today to make more BUGSSSSS………… It was insane
    Keep this strip going mate I am loving it.

    1. thanks Avi… I Will have a series of them coming in 😀
      the father part was indeed more hilarious 😀
      thanks for the support 🙂

    1. thanks bhai !! 🙂
      just a little bit of experience what i get from the stage of Life and actors I meet .. and hear about !! 🙂

        1. hehe not at all dear friend 🙂
          there are many storyboard websites .. which other bloggers have started using .. you can use them .. let me know if you want the links ..
          else you can also do the way i do.. buy a sketchboard and draw on photoshop or flash with the pen in realtime 🙂
          I am sure you would love the experience and may get addicted too 🙂

          1. thanks…to tell u a secret I have no idea what stpryboard websites are :O…But will search now, who knows instead of boring paint images I could put something better with my posts 🙂

          2. Oh yes !! it would be great to own your own images
            pixton.. toondoo
            many are there ..
            you should try them !! I bet you will love working your own toons out 🙂
            I look forward for a post !!

  2. hee hee…this one showed that you are a sharp observant….i loved that bugs vs. bucks exchange….quite a few use bugs…there was a time when even i did 😉

    1. hmm!! Well English is a funny language mistakes are bound to happen .. repeating it is a genius 😀
      Many consider both are same word used for software bugs and money both 🙂
      Thanks Ritesh for sharing your thoughts 🙂

  3. Mysay why did you name the series takelite : it should be named takehard, btw interviews are a fools paradise, you are made to say things you dont know. Thankfully I got my job without an interview

      1. If you present your this series to the interviewer he will give you job outright I think without even asking your name 🙂

  4. A very good one as usual from someone having his intrinsic sense of humour to take on things of day to day life. Keep blogging to your heart’s content to make us feel good in our life.

  5. These days the buck is always with bugs 🙂 Nice one. Perfectly captured with true humour.
    By the way, we work on call centre scheduling – a research problem. Let me see how can I include your humour in the scheduling problem – who should come when?

  6. I can’t stop laughing …hahaha … what a funny interview .. a typical ghanchakaar … i loved the characters .. a nice strip Mysay … awaiting for more to come !!

    1. Indeed he was a software background and we needed tech support guys for our client selling software in the US .. and bang !! We met Shantanu the thriller ! 😀
      Bugs is just the highlight .. whatever he spoke is all mentioned without fabrication , dear Sourav!! 😀

    1. Thanks a ton and more dear Meera.surely more to come !! Did they really have something similar to this in the movie ?? I am yet to watch that movie ?

    1. hehe Dubey Ji .. even Spyke my friend, the interviewer, is Dubey 🙂 .. just look for some HR job in whatever field .. and see the Drama .. Bhagwaan nei aise log banaye hain jinse milke .. ek hi baat niklegi dil se – Aisa Bhi Hota Hai ? 😀 😀
      Thanks for dropping By Puneet and sharing your words .. I appreciate you dropped by 🙂

  7. Ha ha! it reminds me of the Amitabh’s dialogues in “HUM”. There are two types of Bugs in the world. One from the gutter and other from the Society….. LOL! Best of lucks to the interviewee for his future bugs.

    1. oh that was a hilarious dialogue Fayaz Sir!I have seen the movie quite a number of times 🙂
      Thanks for dropping by and sharing a smile 🙂
      Thanks Again!!

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