Flood in Uttarakhand

Over 5000 pilgrims in Kedarnath and 15000 in Badrinath are  amid heavy flood in Uttarkhand.All in all,60000 people in the state of Uttarakhand remain stranded with over 100 people dead and more feared.The Army is on its rescue operation and the torrential rains which caused the flood have calmed down only recently.
Praying Rain Gods calm down and allow rescue operations bring pilgrims and the state back to normalcy.
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40 thoughts on “Flood in Uttarakhand”

    1. what a shocker !!
      No words would be able to indicate how great I felt with that honour .. Thank You a ton and more and more … 🙂
      Harsha my friend , the very first storyboard speaks your comic sense. I missed this post of yours only because I have not checked Indiblogger since yesterday 2:30 pm 🙁 else … anyways … it was all the more exciting to get it as a surprise !!
      Lage Raho Harsha Bhai 🙂

      1. Mysay atleast I got ur real name from Harsha, I really wanted to know the name of the most dreaded doodler of India

          1. Did I say horrible, you are most dreaded doodler wanted by sycophant parties (you know who)

  1. I dread to think what is happening to people there. Very sad arrangements, no preparedness, it is horrific to read about them. 🙁
    Nicely done again with your sketch.

    1. our nation is never prepared for calamities..life has no price here .. for commoners.
      I pray Almighty bring things back in place with no further casualties.
      Thanks Indrani for expressing your views

  2. Its really sad, official figures may be in ’00s but seeing the devastation and hearing first person accounts, I feel that it must be in “000’s

    1. 🙁
      helpless we stand when Mother Nature is furious … all the more because we are Indians.. where administration reacts only AFTER mishaps , be natural or manmade !

  3. Can’t believe that sometimes the BEST things in the world can turn harmful….. this is so sad…. All my relatives from North are facing problems due to extensive rain too 🙁

    1. “..tabahiyon ka shok manana fizool tha .. tabahiyon ke jashn manata chala gaya.. har fikr ko dhuye…”
      Wish we could control anything.. although human beings have the tendency of thinking .. they control so many things 🙂

        1. U caught me fidgeting with the words of the song !! hehehe
          I mean, i have heard that song before and only recently I understood the depth of it .. specifically the lines I mentioned.
          Thank You for correcting me 🙂

  4. I’d again repeat your doodles are acquiring a class of their own. Reminded of the veteran R.K. Laxman time and again. In this instance, your doodle has effectively brought forth the grimness of the situation and a smile too without diluting the effect!

    1. thank you so very much .. I am overwhelmed,excited and blushing .. I wish I could click the expression on my face 🙂
      kintoo.. RK Laxman !! ??faint hoye jabo .. sotti !!

      1. Well, I would really like to see that blush….millions times over…BTW like the header again. But hey! Why Jack? Don’t mind but I am always reminded of The Ripper. Well, as I write I get a clue…brainwave… you do rip apart the palticians in your own way, don’t you? 🙂 🙂 🙂

        1. hahaha..when in callcenter they used to address me as ripper;where is Rose?(Titanic);and later half .. it was Jack Sparrow(Pirates of…)
          Ripping apart Politicians ! – (Didi jaanle soja jail ) 😀
          Thank You for the compliment specifically on the Header.I thought the only way I can keep myself inspired would be watching that Header everytime I visit the site 🙂

  5. I really hope everyone survives. Just last year, I was there and I cheated death twice. I shudder to think what would have happened if I had visited char dham this year…

    1. oops !! Holy Lord !! a close encounter with the only absolute -Death ?Would like to know what happened exactly-Why not as a post Pankti ?
      Its a horrible experience forsure to be compelled to surrender before the Might Of Death !!
      I pray for all the pilgrims stuck there and yet to be rescued .. Amen !!

      1. Yeah Nitesh. I might write about it some day…but suffice it to say, during the whole trip I promised God that I will never ever come again to harass him/her if he/she lets me reach home in one piece. 😀 And I am not kidding

        1. hahaha !! u bugged Him so much ?? hehehe !! just kidding !!
          Even i have had a horrible experience while returning from Srisailam , one of the 12 jyotirlings of Lord Shiva!So much bad that I felt why did I opt to go ??
          But then , worse could have been anything , in your case and mine .. God actually passes on the minimum of a any trouble to all of us, I believe 🙂

          1. Haha….stop scaring me. I still have to go there as I have only visited 5 jyotirlings…Phew…I even have to go to Amarnath, Vaishnav devi and Mansarover..Man, I really need money 😀 😀

          2. so do i ..
            I have visited only 2 jyotirlings
            Vaishnav Devi 2 times .. I am trying to continue it as an yearly commitment.. lets see
            But if you got to go to Srisailam .. better be safe than sorry !!

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