JD(U) may end alliance with BJP

All the drama prior to 2014 General Elections. JD(u) may soon call off its political alliance with BJP after Modi has been made the Head Of the Election Committee,following which Advani resigned and now is being pleased by partymen. NDA weakening may surely give an edge to Congress to think for yet another term in 2014 and may raise the possibility of a different political equation altogether.

As of now, while Narendra Modi can expect things happening his way,it is also true that people who are anti-Modi in NDA Β and BJP itself,are preferring sidelining as per their vested interests.Β 

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17 thoughts on “JD(U) may end alliance with BJP”

  1. hehe its not funny its a reality now! and soon this tent will expose a million other weaknesses when removed all well hidden for now. I loved the way you have used the tent as a medium πŸ™‚

  2. The anti UPA vote is splitting. The only winner in the Third front, Fourth front, Federal front game is the UPA. We will be saddled with another 5 year term of the UPA for sure. No wonder the UPA is not criticizing the various fronts that are being floated. The larger the opposition, the better it is for the UPA. No wonder BJP wants to turn it into a Presidential type of election between Fekuchand NaMoona & Pappu Pager. UPA is too smart to not fall into that trap cos if that happens, then Fekuchand will win.
    With Modi as the campaign leader / PM candidate, the BJP has ended up up as an untouchable. They are in the situation “damned you do, damned you dont”. Only morons on the social media (in a country with 12% broadband connection) think that UPA will simply roll over and die and the butcher from Gujarat will ascend the throne. The CONgress is a master at this game. Even if they get 120 seats, they will attract enough parties to run a coalation or they will prop up a Federal front / Third front just to keep the BJP out.

    1. well.. i agree with you on the fact that UPA and Congress are yet again in a win win situation .. its a pity that ..India has been befooled by so called secular forces ( who are biggest communal parties .. and 1984 riots against Sikhs after Indira’s death is the biggest example) for over 50 years in the total of 66 years on Independence .. yet those big time frauds and fekus are given opportunity to rule again and again!!
      I beg to differ on Modi’s part , Liju ! Its a perception that he is a feku and a reality that he is a butcher…
      i am not his fan … I dont have any reasons to be … but .. I have seen Gujarat during Congress regime and during Modi’s ! Its hell and heaven difference. Matter of fact, he will never win,even I think but that does not mean we can take the credit away that … he is the tallest leader deserving to be the Prime Minister of India. πŸ™‚

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