Take lite  😉
 Dear readers,
 Take Lite is  a comic strip, I am starting, about day-to-day life of a character,lovingly named DJ. Mind it he is not an entirely fictitious character neither are those who you will see along with him in the strip. Inspired by real-life incidents which are bound to make you smile.
BTW,in this one along with DJ its me 🙂 😀 . This is what happened yesterday 😀
Please check two previous posts on DJ where I had not introduced him to you all.
DJ with his Mummy
DJ with Boss And Wakil Saab
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0 thoughts on “Influence”

    1. 🙂 thank you brother Aazi 🙂 I need these wishes from you and all others who give me the confidence to hang on .. to experiment .. to continue the making you all smile.. I believe,One may not be rich enough to buy dreams of all whom he/she knows … but is never so poor that he/she can’t bring a smile on their faces … by sharing gags ! 🙂 What Say ? 🙂

      1. Absolutely … god has blessed you with this spark of cheering people up with your gags and doodles .. we are just the medium to encourage you and enhance your talent by commenting on such beautiful and unique piece of art…:)

  1. Ha ha! Loving your ‘take lite’ series! Fulltofatak! 😀 😀 😀 I love these type of doodles more than the politics based ones! Aise wale posts hatke Hilariopus hote hain! 😀

    1. its true Bush.. political cartoons are best liked when we are updated about politics and wish to be … waise I have no specific interest anymore in politics .. sab ghuma phira ke ek hi hai .The comic strip which talk about day to day life… which is about u me and all of us is lot better and trust me till DJ my friend is there and other friends too.. i think I will never be short of making you and other esteemed visitors smile if not laugh.
      He is a walking doodle … so am I but he is a bigger one 😀 He visits the site occasionally and laughs on doodles at him … 😀 .. soon will come a character Suku Paaji .. he is another gem of a doodle in real life and bound to make readers giggle ..
      Thanks for all your feedback and support.. helps me improve at every step 🙂

  2. Taking lite 🙂
    Keep going and best wishes for this endeavour.
    I look forward to your doodles whether politics or otherwise, though of late stalemate prevails in politics of our times.
    Keep us happy with the smiles that you spread!!
    Btw just dial was cool 😉

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