Advani quits all party posts

BJP’s senior leader , LK Advani has left all key posts in the party after Narendra Modi has been nominated as the Election Committee’s Head for 2014 General Elections, for the party.
He sited that most of the leaders in the party were concerned about their personal agendas !!
Is Mr Advani not doing the same ?  😀  Hope we all know what is his personal agenda !! 😀
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  1. He is following the real Hindutva.. .taking complete sanyas after 75, only he became 75 more than a decade ago and had to be reminded like this… 🙂

  2. Advani should not have stooped down to Yediyurappa’s level but after so many years of his tireless indulgence it is only human to expect to be appreciated and endorsed. After all when bloggers like us feel our day is made after a min no of likes and endorsing appreciations what speak of 45years of struggle

    1. well, i beg to differ a little :).. bloggers are here to expose creativity… getting appreciated is a must . Politicians are expected to be patriotic and only country’s betterment should be their target and would be appreciated.
      Advani’s struggle boiled down to the greed of contesting for PM.
      Does he not understand..Modi is the need of the day and that if Modi is communal how secular is Advani who promoted the Babri Masjid Demolition during his yatra resulting which the country burnt and 1000s died.
      Development is Secular .. rest is opportunist .. be it Advani or Sonia … all of them are serving their personal interest . Modi ain’t !! like Atal ji .. like Lal Bahadur Shahstri, like Sardar Patel..
      Nationhood first !! I never was or never will be a die hard fan of Modi but he is the call of the day .. the need of the nation .
      They who dont want him as the PM are the opportunist.. leaders and mango people.
      riots in India happened during Congress’ regime .. when the Sikhs were brutally slaughtered for Indira’s murder.. who is secular here ??

      1. I hail and surrender to the patriotic quotient in you Mysay and completely understand that nation comes first for a true patriot not a politician. The point that I was trying to make is that somebody of Advani’s stature cannot be sidelined instead the BJP must have dealt more carefully handling the Advani issue before the Goa meet as these reactions were expected having said that I also like to concur with BJP’s stand as it sends a clear message that nobody of any stature can hold the party to ransom like what Yediyurappa did. All those who keep threatening the party will fall in place now.

        1. 🙂 guess the patriot took over the cartoonist… sincere apologies if I sounded forceful 🙂
          my point is .. India should be lead by responsible hands who think nation first !
          None qualify the criteria but Modi.
          I have seen Gujarat during congress regime and then in 2009.. shows who he is . BJP is not Modi .. Modi is BJP today !! .. BJP if sacrifices Modi for anything or anyone .. whatever little chance they have to give fight to Congress ( a party which has ruled the country for longest period and has done rationally very less good)would be over for another decade forsure. 🙂

          1. Very true, I have sent some requests on your mailbox and was hoping to get some customized cartoons done for my upcoming posts. Kindly let me know ur convenience.
            I draw great inspiration from cartoons, they often instill thinking and bring a smile on ur face which I think is a very unique flair.

          2. I am happy to know you love cartoons too 🙂 .. since childhood the only thing which would keep me attracted was cartoons
            well,let me see what you have asked for and I will surely get back to you at the earliest , my dear friend 🙂
            Thank you again !! 🙂

  3. Loved the way he is sitting and asking the question..Lol..But divided BJP would cause them a huge trouble….And this was the baap of all the Political doodles 😀

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