Kundra sends apologies bouquet to Shilpa

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Raj Kundra on Saturday wished his Bollywood actress wife Shilpa Shetty a happy birthday and apologised for the disturbing developments in the past few days that saw the two being dragged into the IPL spot-fixing issue.He tweeted her aswell assuring truth will come out! 😀
Suddenly it reminded me of an old day TV advert on some washing powder which use to show a woman frustrated on her daily detergent/washing powder( dont remember exactly what it was ) and would say – “Meine Maangi Thi Dhulaai aur Tumne diya haathon mei jalan?? ” May be Shilpa ji remembers the ad !! 🙂

19 thoughts on “Kundra sends apologies bouquet to Shilpa”

  1. Shilpa is such a peripheral performer. I really don’t know why that “Bollywood” tag is still dangling by her trail. Well of course she looks off-make-up in your caricature for sure. Time to pack up, is it?

    1. for me she never had any thing in her to be named as a Bollywood heroine .. in fact .. she is still very avg looking over tall Indian woman too me .. and nothing else 😀

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