The People. The Govt

May you all agree that blaming only our government does not help. We are to a great extent responsible for the ills in the country. When we count corruption we target straight at the government but do we not do our share of corruption too?  And if we do not do so, do we stop people from doing the same  ?
Please Click here to see my cartoons on The People and The Government.
Its my Guest Post on  thewhitescape
Hope you all like it !

0 thoughts on “The People. The Govt”

    1. i am so good that these days you dont even bother checking what i have made 🙁 I think I will have to start making bad doodles …
      for a change 😀

  1. Good one. Yeah.. I fight till the end and unfortunately end up in paying double 🙁 . But I will still blame govt as their contribution is all in millions or billions and our is in 100s 😛

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