66 responses on “IPL betting-Shilpa Shetty Raj Kundra involved

    1. My Say

      hehehe for a brighter side of news Sibal is thinking of legalizing betting.How many celebs with they penalize ???better legalize !! hahahaha
      thanks for dropping by friend !!

    1. My Say

      Thank you dear Vaisakh !! your appraisal drives motivation to fight future blocks just in case all the celebs decide not to give me any reason to doodle them 😀
      Thank you again !!

  1. How To Tech Guru

    lol.. After the first breaking news on this about all the fixing.. I stopped watching cricket and instead had written few posts.. 😛 May be i should have written about fixing as well ..
    “How To” fix a match and make money 😛

    1. My Say

      Valli my dear friend .. they are celebs of kingly blood .. only my doodles will show them cry .. else these are small things .. they will never cry on petty issues 🙂

  2. Yamini

    God … This is sick. I never liked IPL never understood should I support a city or a player. Now they made it so easy. Just avoid it. I think it is high time other sports get some attention in India. Enough of favorite Jamaai treatment to cricket.

  3. kislayagopal

    That was a nice take on the issue mysay, kundra is witty… in your doodle. 🙂

    btw betting is done in every nook and corner, and once the news of sreesanth had been out in media I was literally shocked, the next day I went to grocery shop and the shopkeeper and his friends were grossly and passionately involved in discussing the bets etc while watching ipl, they were so enthusiastic and boisterous, lacking hint of shame. The news that shocked me was a common affair for them. Infact my younger sis was telling me that her friends have won hefty amount in bets, and I was so dumbstruck!!

  4. majaal

    Ha ha very well presented , actually Kundra claimed that he has been betting in England where it is allowed hence he did the same here, why is he playing dumb here. I am big fan of Shilpa, she is extremely beautiful but her comments on Twitter turned media against her. I think both of them were not limited to betting but fixing too.

  5. Sakshi

    How many micro SECONDS between the news release and your cartoon ready to be posted? You’re too good – topical, pertinent, satirical and very talented!!

    1. My Say

      Oh dear humorist of class .. I am no figure compared to your talents infinite.. but a learner through times and passing by life 🙂 . I thank you for those showers of praising words . They make my day and inspire my life. And I mean it !! 🙂
      Thanks a ton for dropping by !! Means a lot! 🙂

  6. Sfurti

    Haha…she will kill you, look at her face!!!!!! Haha…

    And very well said but btw did u forget about Geoffrey Boycott’s fascination of her or u were too young then?

    1. My Say

      hahaha and Richard Gere .. kissing controversy 😀

      Weell looks like Shilpa has 4 fans 😀
      Richard , Geoff , Raj and Sfurti too 😀 😉

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