83 thoughts on “Taunt that costed heavy”

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    1. hahahaha!! yes Harsha ! this is an indication either keep a check and pay on your own for your wife’s bills else you may have to give her an add on credit card and pray God she doesn’t ask for refueling it every alternate day 😀
      Prevention is better than cure 😉

      1. trust me it would have had a good effect on him. He always taunts me while paying bills 😛 😛 perhaps kuch change ho jaata 😀 😀

  2. I think the getting the wife a card for herself will save the hubby the trouble of walking/shopping/window shopping/ comparison shopping/ distractedly buying other stuff on the way etc 🙂

  3. I think it is a good idea to give the wife a card for herself as it would save the husband from walking/help with choosing stuff/ window shopping/ Comparison shopping/ shopping for things on the way etc 🙂 And saves the wife from asking the husband his opinion which is sure to be ridiculous/ from seeing him gawking at others/ seeing him with a “can we go home now?” look when things just became interesting etc 😀

  4. The demands are never ends … the poor husband gets a beating anyhow … well depicted through you doodle .. which is always pointing to the day to day happening which we simply live with it !

  5. Ha ha that the follow up scene , very interesting. The point husband wanted to highlight was that he wanted more care , love and attention from the wife but instead she took it other way round. Being candid backfired in this case, well poor husband, he should have kept his mouth shut lol.

  6. 🙂 🙂 one should be always careful about what to say to whom and when 😛 both brought a smile starting the day with it today. Good day ,,,

    1. no issues .. 🙂
      its a card which is issued in the name of family members alongwith the main credit card as per request. Say I have a credit card, if I want I can ask the bank to issue an add on card for any of my family member(s) with a certain limit and the bill will come to me … 🙁
      Now tell me ain’t that risky if given to dear wives ?? 😀

  7. Haha I’m sharing this with my husband and a few other ‘sufferers’.
    See, we wives have a sense of humour at least. 😛

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