0 thoughts on “Loveliest Sentence of wife”

    1. hahahaha !! so true!! you are right Vijay Ji !! 😀
      Well I am sure 3 x is fictional .. I have heard wives dont go to their mum’s place for that long … i.e. 100 days and above 😀

  1. ha ha! Hilarious! Now is that really true?! 😀 Bechara hubby 😛 you are too good at it! n trust me this is not a jhooti taereef! : |

  2. hey Nit I have some cool ideas for a doodle but trust me I am real tired of doodling! So do you want me to share those idead with u ? It would be great! Whatsay Mysay? 😀

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  4. I disagree we are very sweet generally also.. Its just that the husbands become more aware about things (like price tags! :P) while shopping 😀

  5. The next one could show that the husband loses the card but does not report it to the police. On being asked why is that. He says,”The thief is spending much less than my wife.” 🙂

    1. WOWW !!!! super duper !!! 🙂 what an idea
      hahaha!! awesome …
      I always say humour is inside all of us .. it just needs a push !! loved it !!

  6. Ha ha very well presented , the husband clearly is trying to be candid here and he is doing it at the right time when wife needs his card. This is the time she wont react in usual manner that is to give him back and so he took the chance when he is safer. I am not married yet but i guess this happens a lot of times.

    1. hehehe.. looks like you have a loving girl friend though ,dear Majaal 🙂
      how come you analysed the exact situation so easily ?

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