Jethmalani expelled for 6 years

Ram Jethmalani, who had publicly rebelled last year against then BJP party president Nitin Gadkari, has been expelled by the party for six years for “breach of discipline.”  🙂
Discipline is to make sure no matter what you do, but dare not speak against party’s strong men/women , I suppose !! 😀
ram jethmalani expelled from bjp for six years

60 thoughts on “Jethmalani expelled for 6 years”

    1. 😀 hahaha
      kya umar hogi humare Ram Ji ki ?? Bhagwan unhe saalo saal banaye rakhe .. 🙂
      Gadkari ji ke khilaaf uthi awaz .. ka yehi hona tha .. 😉

  1. Very well presented, the way parties work is totally against democratic system, people are not allowed to speak freely and vote freely on important issues. I am neither big fan of Jethmalani nor am i his supporter but he was just doing constructive criticism and got expelled because of that. So i completely agree with you, few leaders decide agendas at the top and everyone is expected to follow that , not at all healthy for democratic system.

    1. Majaal, wrong is always scared of being exposed .. hence it hates .. criticisms as well.. one who is not wrong will never fear criticisms .. i believe .. rather he will take this as an opportunity to prove his points !
      Well.. I question myself many a times .. are we truely living in democratic India ?

  2. 6 years! really! lets watch! By the way our President Pranab Mukharjee was also expelled from Congress for 6 years. There are many examples… Who knows Jethmalani might be thinking in that line 🙂
    Nice acrtoon

    1. true AJ politics is confusing … and goofy more than the game of chess !! 🙂 Rather stay out and make cartoons or write posts !! Getting inside too deep would lead to nothing but plans under plans and yet some plans under that … 😀

    1. hahaha.. u seem to have promised yourself to make the doodler smile … reading your comments .. aint u ? 😀 😀
      Sonia I am laughing !! Off all you chose the shoe this time .. hahaha..
      They must have contacted Chandraswami and come up with that magical figure of 6 or may be they think by that time people will forget Gadkari issue and Jethmalani’s acquisitions too 😀

      1. Oh Jack, I loved the doodle,But the shoes deserved a special mention. Not many doodlers pay the attention to detail as you put in. I have done a bit of doodling in the past and I know , its not an easy job to get all your thoughts behind a doodle. You do a brilliant job at it. Kudos to you, my friend

        1. Sonia .. I am blushing .. 🙂 thank you for those magical words of appreciations.. they make me believe in my work all the more .. I swear !! I am like a budding plant .. and readers like yourself are the gardeners .. the more you all pamper me and water me with your words of appreciations the better is the probability of me giving beautiful flowers with fragrance ! 🙂
          U made my day !!! Seriously dear !! thank you again !

    1. that was very inspirational .. video you shared Vishal .. although I have miles to go but thank you for being kind enough to share this awesome video !!
      Truly Inspired !! Thank You Again!! 🙂

  3. I am not sure. Jethmalani is not even consistent with his own words. He makes comments which sound erratic at times. I guess this action should have been taken much earlier.

    1. hehehe.. politics is a funny game .. I believe KaJo sir … Ram becomes Rahim and Rahim becomes Romeo just for vested interests is better to do a doodle or two but not think deep .. off late I have realized . Laugh out politics until you or me a part of it to be the change or change to be one of them 😉

  4. Well as much as it is funny it is serious. jethmalini has done a lot of tricks. A lot of things he did in the name of fighting for justice and well dented the public more… a good potshot at him though 🙂

  5. This is such a funny chata to the tragedy called politics in our country. Another great doodle. Thank you MySay. Keep up the good work.

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