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        1. My Say

          hehehe.. all I am doing is … drawing randomly deleting drawing deleting yet again and reading news .. its more of the IPL thing which is yet in the news and I have already done several doodles and I am bored of it… at the end nothing will happen then why waste my energy on Srini and Sree and Vindoo and so many more who may be enlisted !!
          I think the best way out is hang around .. !! like when I hung around for 5 hrs today I ultimately made this doodle 😀

      1. Sfurti

        Maoist attacks, Ram jethmalani, SRK’s surgery…Cannes?? and u can doodle on more relevant topics to me 🙂 like kids, parents, education system….Child labor etc etc…these were just top of mind..

  1. Random Musings by Swati

    That uncanny feeling when you know you are the culprit! hahaha! Can you please make a doodle for my new post on Domestic Violence. If you do then I won’t need to search images for the same besides your doodle will be exclusive to the post. Thanks Swatz.

      1. Random Musings by Swati

        You may doodle as per your idea though the image I want to have is of a woman trying to protect herself with her hand, has disheveled hair. The other image you may have is of children who are frightened and are sitting in a corner as their mother is being abused.

    1. My Say

      hahahaha block on the writers .. so true Uma but I dont fall into the category of writers … and this is the first time I feel there is nothing and no reason to doodle on 😀 I pray the block to get over my marker before I give up on doodling . 🙂

    1. My Say

      hahaha… this is the block season carnival going on re… 😀 tui ekla noi …. I read almost 12 bloggers discussing their helplessness to think of topics to express on and then when I sat doodling .. I was like “IPL IPL IPL,SCAM , SCAM, SCAM, Manmohan .. Sonia .. Dhoni… SRK … what ??? I am done with all of them ” and then every topic and everyone I would think about would appear to me as a BLOCK… I told my mum dont disturb me I am in a block … she was like every room on earth is ideally a block unless we were eskimos !! 🙁 I said maa plz leave alone … 😀
      bujhtei parchis koto disturbed aami !! 🙂

      1. namrota

        Shhotti ja bolechhish… aar ekhon baari eshe Rituporno Gosh-er khobor shune.. mon-ta kemon jano hoegelo… emni khoob kom feel hoye kono entertainment personality-r jonno. koto khaaraap laagchhe.. bolte paarchhina.

        1. My Say

          so true !! it was so bloody sudden ! i think o onek drink korto as per the kind of issue which led him to death bed. anyways he is indeed a great loss .. not only for Bengal but India r jonno as well..
          Bangla film industry was almost about to take off when one of the mentors of the present times of the industry left it midway !!
          May his soul Rest in Peace .
          e chara aar kichu koraar nei kichu bolar o nei . 🙁

  2. Geetashree Chatterjee

    Well I think its me. Incidentally, I failed to perform on the sites you referred me to. My failure…shortcoming…inability…lack of talent…over ambitiousness …etc….etc….etc. Sorry to have let you down and thanks for all the encouragement.

    1. My Say

      hehehe are you serious ?? I may be demoralized because you dont right on panaecea that often these days , dont comment that much on my posts these days … yes these may be reasons at the back of my mind !! 🙂

    1. My Say

      😉 you caught me kind of Aaazi 😀
      its a great way to make an article out of the ‘helplessness’ called block !! I learnt it yesterday .. I am getting great ideas from fellow bloggers for my quick recovery and sure to get out of the fatigue sooner than later !! 🙂

    1. My Say

      😀 … well .. I tell you Vaisakh …this is some carnival going on … Writer’s Block Carnival 😀 but why me ? a poor doodler !!! I am not that intellectual to have a thought block … 🙂 still ??? 😀
      Guess the God’s doing some pranks !! 😀

      1. anjan roy

        Writers block is for those…who have achieved something but are failing to come up with something…that could enhance their work done earlier…and for a person like me…it can only be…no ideas to write anything worthwhile….

        1. My Say

          I saw whitespace mentioning you as among top 7000 writers of the world and you say your block is not an achieved writer’s block !! Humble !! Very humble !! 🙂

  3. Bushra

    Guess it’s the same with me 🙂 Why don’t u take a break and write a shayari on ur blog instead?! I am sure u will never go out of ideas! 🙂

    BTW: A series of web comics is going to be visible in my blog in a few days 🙂 Yay! 🙂

    1. My Say

      Bushra cant be sitting idle .. I desperately wait for the web comic my dear friend !!
      Shayari is not my cup of tea alone .. only when i listen to your words am i able to say a few amateur lines dear friend of mine !! 🙂

  4. chsuresh63

    Nice one there. Btw, my post was only a curtain-raiser for a piece on writing humor in fiction and not exactly about a writer’s block 🙂 The writer’s block thing was written in fun.

          1. My Say

            wish it paid half of what it pays to the writers .. well when cartoonists die .. they leave behind .. their markers only … and few canvases.. unless they choose politics like Late BalaSaheb !! 🙂
            Still now that you say dear friend I will at least keep my pride intact.

          2. Pankti Mehta

            Does money matter more than what your art is? For money, we could always find a full-time job (as I do) but what about what you feel? Don’t you think it matters more the way you want to express? I certainly do.

          3. My Say

            so true !! … I sacrificed my passion for a decade almost .. and then tried handling my passion and job both .. and then lost my job and now left with the passion which earns me my bread and for the family !!
            hopefully this will earn me some butter too in the future but even if it does not .. now I know I will die a smiling face 🙂 Thanks for all the motivating dear friend . When you are most upset and re think your decisions .. God sends messengers like yourself to remind .. the fight must go on !! 🙂

          4. My Say

            thank you Swati .,.. I am yet to send you your doodle .. spare me some more time dear friend .. life keeps me working for several hours and then my passion .. 🙂

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