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  1. Bhai times have changed young ones now come home at 5am! Are we going from worse to worst is the question only time can answer

    1. so true .. my days .. i restricted it to returning latest by 3 am 😀 😀
      no kidding ..college days .. I used to work for a call center with the UK shifts ..and sometimes I would go party while parents would no I am returning from office 😉 fun days !!

    1. hahahaha .. even this post is home inspired 😀 the only difference was .. I could not speak that up front ( in my mind and now I am used to waking up at 6am no matter I sleep or not ) 😀

  2. Prolific is the word for you! Good one this is…my father’s ideal getting-up time was 04.00 am. To be very honest I like getting up at 4 which is the brahma muhurtha as per the Hindu Shastra. You are actually teeming with energy and everything positive at that point of time. Padding the house on soft feet is something I hugely enjoy while others are deeply in sleep. But when I go to bed late or too tired I can’t get up early which is a pity and my entire day’s routine goes kaput. Nice post this one!

    1. after listening to Sister Shivani from Brahmakumaris and since I left call centers I have somehow managed waking up early .. not exactly at the Brahma Muhurtha as even sister Shivani asks too.. but by 5:30-6.00 am
      But trust me as I a kid I always felt like uttering back to my loving dad for reacting to my morning greets with his early to rise …proverbs in Hindi or Sanskrit.
      He only stopped this act when I would be back home at 3am or 6am as per my shift ! He was the happiest one when I left call center industry 😀

  3. I can relate to it, as no matter what, my papa would wake me and my siblings by 5 am, and now my routine varies, but I wonder how he still manages to get up by 5 am whatever be his routine etc, I guess a sense of discipline or may be habit over a long period of time is the reason.

    1. indeed so true !! In fact developing habit of waking up early helps maintaining better mental and physical health . 🙂
      where have u been since last few days ??

      1. You are absolutely right about physical n mental health..it also gives a positive feel throughout the day.
        Yes I am in the process of shifting and also my sister visited me, so i was busy 🙂

    1. hehehe .. 🙂 yeah I remember you mentioned .. this in one of your posts .. the one where you took the sunrise photograph with the sun bulging out of the photograph !! 🙂

  4. Being an early riser I can understand the message very well. Nicely captured. I have good personal memories too.

    1. hahaha Vaisakh thank you for sharing the fact ! hahaha
      thats the time when studs go to sleep ! 🙂 hmm!! now i get it young man !! 😀

    1. Yes Sir,somehow the culture of early rising is fading away from Indian houses.
      Thank you so very much Sir for dropping by and sharing your advice and link share discussing positives of early rising.

    1. hehehe yes half a decade back I suppose 😀 now after so much smothering and gyans from my pappa dearest and listening to Shri Shri and Sister Shivani of Brahmakumaris I have inculcated this deep inside that I will wake up early no matter what ! 😀 as if i have any choice 😀
      8a m is quite ok ? aint it ? kintu baba der bojhabe ta ke ? hahaha

      1. hehehe… for dads 8 am is late… after 8 its afternoon :P.. ekhon emon hoye gechhe je.. 8-taar por ghoom neeje neeje-yi bhenge jaaye 😀
        On serious note… I feel a waking up early makes your day productive and your body healthy… I have experienced it .. hence, I always try to maintain the early to bed -early to rise.

        1. On that note I recall …in Bombay it remains dark till late mornings I mean surely till 5:30 am and the sun when it comes out looks lot bigger and deadly … Kolkata is completely different .. during summers 4:50 and the brightness and the breeze invades and the sun does not look that harsh !!
          tumi Mumbaiker right ?

          1. Yes I am a Mumbaikar … kintu I never saw the sun bigger & deadly however, yes.. the sun rises in Kolkata before it does in Mumbai 🙂

  5. Haha..not my dad but my mom. We all (including our dad) would sleep till 10 on Sundays and mom would go nuts…still get lectures from her :-)..

      1. 🙂 In my case our kids brought us both on line…for some reason both the kids refuse to sleep beyond 7 am..ever!!!!!!!!! (Why oh why do they not get the concept of Sunday just yet )

  6. Unfortunately, I can relate to this…earlier when I had morning school, I used to get up grumbling. But now? Life is sweet. No responsibilities. So I indulge in my actual character now – being an owl. I sleep at 3 am and get up 7.30 am. Aah…

    1. thats quite less time for sleep !! hopefully thats sound sleep . 7:30 is decent 😉 i feel given you work ( i suppose) till 3 in the morning . I mean, I work till 2 and wake up between 5:30- 8 depending on my father’s mood and my willingness to go jogging 🙂

      1. Haha…yeah, this sleep is not enough but if it comes down to reading/writing versus sleep, the former wins hands down. So I am perpetually sleep deprived during the weekdays…i make up for it during Sundays..Yay holidays 😉 Fortunately, my mom doesn’t hound me for getting up in the mornings as she earlier used to do. Now when i get up in the mornings with heavy eyes, she asks me to go back to sleep for another half an hour…Told ya, life is sweet 🙂

  7. Nice one 🙂 🙂 ..weekdays I hv to get up by 7:00 at least else m late fr office… n mostly m sleep deprived cz of late nights…I try to catch up on my sleep during weekend afternoons…cz ur post is exactly what I get to hear from my father in law if I get up late 🙁 🙁 he is such a disciplinarian in this regards…even on chutti days he is up bathed n all by 8:00 am….

    1. hahahaha !! nice to know I am not alone … 😀 … I used to think I am the rare case who is forced to wake up early even in free India 😀
      thanks for dropping by Aditi and sharing your thoughts !! Appreciate it !

  8. My day started just before lunch on most of the days during my hostel life at IIT. Movies was the sole reason. But It was the most productive time of my life, learnt alot. Now job doesent allow that luxury !

  9. Hahahah! Reminds me of my dad…he would wake up at 4.30 am, look at us sisters sleeping and lament “The whole world has woken up and my daughters are still sleeping!” He would then proceed to either open the window if it was winter or take out the mosquito net if it was summer…so you see we had no other option but to wake up 🙁

  10. the little princess

    im a late riser….and mom got so tired of giving me gyan, that she stopped telling me to get up early!! it not that i don’t want to , i just can’t! 🙂 luckily my kids are early risers!

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