Meiyappan Arrested

Sreesanth,Vindoo Dara Singh and now Chennai Super King’s owner and BCCI chief Srinivasan’s son-in-law, Meiyappan, has been arrested in IPL betting case. Srinivasan  who has been asked to put down his papers has denied to do so and says he is being targeted.
Lets see if Srinivasan can save his chair after this incident .
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0 thoughts on “Meiyappan Arrested”

    1. thank u thank u thank u !! I am glad someone awaits my doodles 🙂
      helps me evolve as a better doodler !! 🙂
      IPL has given food to news channels and artists to create something .. thats all. News will die and people will stop bothering in few days and then things will carry on !! In our country …news is made to make money and killed in a week or fortnight to get another BREAKING NEWS !! 🙂

  1. mere paas Maa hai – Deewar, 1975
    mere paas PAN hai – Income Tax advertisement, 2004
    mere paas Bookies hai – IPL, 2013

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