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    1. hahaha!! Yes thats the question we should ask ourselves to have a healthy relation with co bloggers 😉
      I agree you are Blogger A !! 🙂

  1. Hilarious! it’s a fact of life and not only limited to indibloggers. The bonding of any relationship depends on “give-and-take” There should be a proper balance between give and take. The relationship would go for a toss if “give-and-take” goes out of proportion.

    1. so true Jahid Bhai .. its the bigger picture of small happenings !!! Indeed life is all about Give And Take .. though who we choose to be .. is important . Blogger A or E or any in between ! 🙂

    1. hahaha.. to some you may be A to some E … its the same with all of us … we cannot go about attending 1000 co bloggers in the same manner .. aint it ? 🙂 Just meant to bring a smile on faces 🙂

  2. Haha…nice concept. I don’t know in which category I fall, but I like to reciprocate things.
    Most of the bloggers whose blogs I visit on Indiblogger fall under category A.
    And I guess I have seen your comment on every blog.

    1. hehehehe .. I prefered being on the safer side before categorizing !! I am prone to letting fellow bloggers know I visited their blog and that if i liked or had something else to say … and indeed it makes sense . everyone’s time is precious so if you give your time to a post .. he/she should know it . Not many bloggers respect their co bloggers efforts !! But thats part and parcel .. competing would have been lot more difficult .. had everyone been ethically correct 😉 thanks for sharing your view Sourav! appreciate your time!

  3. Hahahahahaha!! Lovely classification…Wish you added last type ‘Break up’
    Currently I’m in long lasting relation with your blog !! 😀 🙂
    Cheers! 🙂

    1. hehehe.. So am I long lasting is mutual 🙂 we have dragged it from blasting to long lasting when I used to give vote after votes and leave comments after comments and then finally the ice broke down and you thought lets see who this fan is ? hahahahahaha !!! Great going !! Wish us a long lasting relation 🙂

    1. thank u Sharmistha for informing me that your comments were not reaching me and the spam !! thanks again i could fetch out comments of many bloggers whom i thought belonged to the E Type 😀 thanks again !!

    1. with me … we have a long lasting one isn’t it ?? u vote me I vote u .. u comment on my posts and so do i .. this is long lasting 😉

  4. Lol, I used to be blogger A before I deleted my other blog, now I dunno which category I fall under 😀 nice one 😀

    1. hehehe just dont fall under E thats all !! 😀 thanks for dropping by dear friend and expressing your views !! Appreciate it !! 🙂

  5. I do think I fell off my chair in here… this is bloody hilarious and as much as we want to run away damn true!!! great work Jack this time awesome!!

    1. Either of these 5 types we are … and as I know you fall in the A category .. I somehow must have touched the chord 🙂
      I did not see you around throughout the day ?? Corporate Slavery ? we need to get rebellious now !! 😀

      1. Yes unfortunately… life is such. But then I try to surface back. Planning to take an off tomorrow 😀 😀

        1. hmm!! they make u work on saturdays too.. ?? let not the Bhagat Singh of the age erupt out of me opposing this manhandling of creative brains 😀

    1. thank U Paresh my dear fellow Blogger and Friend !! food for improvement and betterment for a budding doodler !! I appreciate your compliments !! 🙂

    1. hehehe .. we all are different for different co-bloggers … soch ke dekho !! Some bloggers you see their work and you pounce upon to see vote and comment .. with some you never bother reading their titles too 🙂
      and that is a fact !!
      apna kaam to pyar batna hai Bush ji .. vote bhi kar dete hain aur comment bhi ab agla chahe jo kare 😉
      sirf ladkiyon waali post chor kar.. ab lipstick waale post pe .. if i write .. wow thats a great post .. i will be doubted with my preferences 🙂 hai ki nahi ?

  6. Seems you are coming out of new ways to compel your blog visitors to either like or comment on your post. And just to add, you succeed in that every time.

    1. perceptions !! 🙂 KaJo my idea is a healthy blogging ambiance and thats what I do and wish to promote . Well I anyways take that as a compliment but the fact is it rarely makes a difference .. Its been 65 years .. could we do anything about corruption .. casteism and religious riots ?? .. writers wrote , fighters fought .. I am just one of them .. things will carry on . I am doing my share to remind myself I justify what I do ! That all !! Someone has to Bell the Cat .. Some will take me as opportunist .. but then I know my intentions 🙂

    1. indeed it is so true ! I was just expressing my views in particular with Indiblogger voting and similar blog communities … where we have co bloggers promoting eachother’s work ! 🙂
      I think its the content which matters a lot .. and when its an informative post there is no debate .. or if its a photo blog or poem ..
      but a blog on political or social matters can never have cent percent agreeing and happy readers !

    1. Nazar my brother !! At last I got you on my space ? 😉 thank u my dear friend for the appreciation !! I am just a small time doodler showing mirror to myself and the world around me … they break it most of the times and I am beaten up as well.. 😀 Welcome to MySay 🙂

    1. indeed they are Sir.. and I have decided to make the Es cooperative .. and with all my constant votes and comments and love 😀 someone has to break the ice 🙂

    1. thank you !! 😀
      before posting the toon .. I did my homework 😀 .. so that no finger should point at me 😀 😀
      You fall in B for me !! 🙂

    1. 😉 hahaha !!! sahi hai !! waise bhi its impossible to attend all co bloggers when your readership is huge … 🙂
      its just an attempt to make co bloggers think if they are A B C D or E and if they need to be changing their approach or its all ok !! just a plain thought sharing 🙂
      For me you are B if I am A or vice versa 🙂

  7. Nice, and so true! I’ve been blogger A sometimes and Blogger D sometimes. But as a person who considers every blogpost as a creation, I’d like to see real like on it, even if it’s far less than ‘etiquette’ likes. I try to do the same for other blogs, even if the other person thinks I’m blogger D.

    1. Its perfectly Ok that way ! One may not like a post which is liked by 9 out of 10 bloggers.Thats a personal liking and one need not be following the other 9 . One needs to be in between being too generous for all bloggers and looking to snobbish to all .. thats what I feel personally !! Likes and comments should not be spent too miserly also because after all people blog to be heard . Had it been for self satisfaction .. there are online and offline diaries to meet the needs . Aint it ??
      Thanks for dropping by Chaitanya and expressing your views on the issue !

  8. Haha….but I am embarrassed to admit that I am somehow Blogger E…I can only promote the ones that I actually like 🙁 Today I received an Indimail wherein a blogger asked me to follow him and he will return the favor to me…I felt like throwing him off the bridge

    1. 😀 you should have asked for his address and then both of us would have done the awesome job ! 🙂 Unethical practices inspire easily. Its good if you do not like someone’s work you need not be promoting it at all Pankti ! Thanks for sharing your views on this.

    1. hehehe… my first ever take on Blogging Community was about that only ! I guess a month back where the doodle character has published a blank post and pushed his post url on indi just to check how many actually see his post !! 🙂

  9. So much to learn from Blogger A (which initially I read “Blaggera” :P) .. full of patience and gratitude.. and Blogger E ka attitude “huh!” 😀

    1. 🙂 thank u Indu for dropping by and sharing your views .. Someone has to Bell the Cat 🙂
      I got all your previous comments out from Spam and wish to thank you for your continuing support .. helps evolve as a better doodler! 🙂

  10. 😀
    okay so I got one place to confess!! 😀 I vacillate between a hardworker to a hardnut depending upon the net connectivity and how much I remember about the last conversation 😛
    P.S. I loved it!! 😀

    1. hehehe thank you for dropping by dear Kriti.. you are a hard nut to crack .. I confess..
      although we all are a hardnut for few bloggers and smooth for some … as I have said throughout this post .. its not easy to attend all readers by visiting their sites ..we have other things to do as well.. so all justified . 🙂

  11. haha! it takes all kinds to build a village like IB. 🙂
    I see myself partly in situation one and two. If only I could invest more time !!! 🙂

  12. Depends from people to people … so well described and thought of doodle ! loved it Mysay …. I would rate it 5 out 5 for this one !
    This post connected every indiblogger in someway or the other !
    Just few lines of appreciation !
    You have it all covered in your mind..
    there is nothing hiding from your radar eyes ..
    May it be politics or current affair..
    you cant get away from his doodle of surprise !

    1. wow thank u thank u thank u so very much my brother .. I should make a header out of it !! 🙂 thank you again my brother . these lines are by far amazing !!

    1. indeed you are A and B for me bhai !! And I am B for you .. i should be because there is no work of yours which I cannot vote and comment on .. they are well worth it bhai and I mean it ! 🙂

    1. Thats the perfect comment ! Indeed,while I was working on the doodle .. i did recall … that almost all of us .. the co bloggers belong to all and each of these categories to one another ! very rare are a perfect E or a perfect A 🙂
      Thanks Richa for sharing the most matching view I have towards the blogging and Indiblogging community !!

    1. thank you Aashish for that extraordinary compliment .. means a lot for a small time doodler !! Hope to see you often on this space .. thanks a again my dear friend .Appreciate it !

  13. Awesome, factual, and funny……ur best….u keep bettering urself…..and u dnt hav to switch places wd me……u r a master of doodle……cartoon is ur baby…….

    1. thank you for the shower of those golden words .. my brother Ritesh ..
      i budding doodler needs nothing but encouragement! Having said so … I do not mean you can get away from writing a poem on my behalf …. 🙂 what poems can doodles cannot !! 🙂 poems spread romance when they want to.. doodles spread laughter .. even if they dont wish to 😀
      So you cannot escape my brother .. I need a poem written by you on my friend’s birthday 🙂

      1. But i m not a good poet……i hvnt written many poems….and most of them are pretty mediocre as compared to wat othrs write…..i m still trying to get better in it……i wud write one for u definitely…..but i wil hv to really polish my skills.

    1. hahaha ! I am selfish …. hahaha I am happy we have a long lasting friendship .. rest you take care .. 😀 haahaha
      thanks for sharing your views bro !! 🙂

  14. An apt doodle and it is funny In a cute way, I loved the expression of bogger E and couldnt help but laugh, that was very innovative as your last doodle to find who read and who doesnt after voting on indiblog. And yes I guess it varies from person to person that what kind of blog relation you have 🙂

  15. Impressive…then there are few others also…who doesn’t wait for you vote or comment…but they comment on all your latest post religiously…!!!

  16. Hah ha Nice idea to grab user feedback. Enjoyed your cartoons. By the way i am blogger A category. Though at times work schedules prevent me checking up my networks posts at times.Whenever i find some free time i check my network post and vote/comment/like them.

  17. Ha thats Funny. and creative I must say. Just found out your blog and glad I visited it. Hope to be a blogger A. You definitely are. I can see that!

  18. This post is SOO perfect! 🙂 Since I am new to blogging,I am not sure which category do I fit in but I would love to be A ! ‘Grow’ and ‘let grow’ is bliss 🙂

    1. Thanks for liking the post!!
      serene words !! Grow and Let grow !! true that Jaseema 🙂
      Thanks for dropping by and sharing thoughts … Blogging is all about a good post and a great PR 😉 as many blogging pals .. that much better 😀 Happy Blogging!!

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  20. short and sweet! lovely comic description…i too am trying and adding comics on my post makes it interactive! well, do read my blog and give a feedback!!! 🙂 better we be a COMMENTS AS WELL AS VOTES KINDA INDIBLOGGERS!!!

  21. Huh! So i end up scratching everyone else’s back and mine’s as well 😛 I guess it can be categorized under ‘Indiblogger Educative Posts” :)) I couldn’t stop smiling and grinning 🙂

    1. I wish the Indiblogger team gave me credits for explaining their services practically to its bloggers. 😀 thanks for sharing your views Hemani 🙂

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