Sree the pawn?

Sreesanth was drunk and showed tantrums before getting arrested. After all he is a celeb cricketer and as the media says -Cricket’s Troubled Child ! But betting is racket and a player cannot be the kingpin. Who knows who is ?
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  1. Lol JR…Few days back just after the Kohli-Gambhir spat he was in news for his continous tweets on his and Bhajji spat. Wonder how people go gaga over things when they themselves are engulfed with all sort of vices …….The incident damaged not only his career but also his character….Picking up girls, the girls wooing them, the bookies making videos….Ewww….And Indians consider their fav. player next to God and sometimes even God….. Totally sad

    1. Deepti..indeed it is real sad.. but these players are just the chosen sons.. backed by real Big Dad .. hidden behind !! After all World Cricket is controlled by India .. so corruption is a must 🙁

  2. Sreesanth had joined the Indian cricket team when i was in my schooling days….i think 8th std! I remember that there was this match at Kanteerava Indoor stadium and we guys had been there-all my siblings(specially boys) were dying for his autograph! Today when i recall that incident i feel so odd! Dunno why people think that they can carry out anything and no one’s gonna stop them! He’as practically ruined his life! Beautiful take on the issue! Loved the message given! 🙂

    1. thanks Bush for sharing your views on Sreesanth and the goof up he is involved into.. he spoiled it all for himself but is he the only one to be blamed is the question !

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