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  1. Just came back from office…had slightly an irritating day (nothing unusual!) and here my friend jack can put a smile on my face 🙂 loved the whole message 🙂

    1. thank u Richa .. its been 3 mins at the most I posted it .. so I should say it was right on time … to make you forget your office worries for a while 🙂

    1. well said Suresh ji :D..anyways t20 requires somehow hitting the balls to score boundaries and lot of practice in leaving catches and delivering genuine looking wide and no balls 😀

  2. Very nicely presented. With the introduction of “Glamour” in cricket these things will start to happen for real in future. The advertising world needs lots of so called gods with blind worshipers behind them and these so called gods are supposed to learn acting and dancing skills to look good on screen. Sadly this approach is causing lot of damage to great game of cricket.

    1. indeed its a disgrace … a game which was once gentlemen’s has gone in the hands of wrong administrators ..
      money .. power .. sex.. fame
      everything introduced in cricket at the cost if the game

    1. hi Avadhoot !! Thanks for the compliment although I am not too sure if I even deserve it . Still !! A very big thank you again.
      Its the normal sketchboard and the pen from wacom bamboo and any software I get to try my hands on … be it paint.net GIMP phtotshop elements .. whatever comes my way ….flash is the best for cartooning .. i believe !

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