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          1. My Say

            come on dear Jay my teenage friend .. I just brought it into your notice .. I write it such that it does not overshadow the doodle ! 🙂

  1. Aziz Ampanwala

    Mysay … what to say ..
    you say the things that every one tied may say !
    I try to understand ..
    and i laugh after i predict what i thought to say!
    Mysay … you say the way we all want to hear it said !

  2. Soumabha Ray Chaudhuri

    I used to watch a Bengali serial called ‘Chuni Panna’. In that there was a beautiful example underlying motivation.

    A fat guy once wanted to become thin. So he goes to Chuni Panna’s clinic. They begin their 1st method – Motivation. They let a sexy slim lady run far and asks the guy to catch her. If he is motivated enough he would be able to and then she would kiss him. The guy tries a lot but unfortunately is unable to catch her. He gives up hope and says that he would want to remain fat.

    They then devise a second counter plan which is for the unmotivated and weak – this works on the rocket principle – “Jab tak g**and pe aag nhi lagti tab tak taraqqi nhi ho paata”. So they set a trained dog after him and Voila !! he becomes thin while trying to save his own life.

    You cartoon just reminded me of this episode.

    1. My Say

      hahahahaha !! awesome !!
      well i have a cartoon exactly doing the same on loss weight … whre a fat guy is running to save himself from a dog !!
      haha u made me laugh !

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