'India Shining was Hype.Bharat Nirman different'-Manish Tiwari

Minister of  State for Information and Broadcasting Manish Tewari states ‘India Shining’ the ad campaign during BJP’s regime was a hype and that Congress led UPA II’s campaign ‘Bharat Nirman’ is not an election ad and that it is very different from India Shining.
Its a debatable issue that India was or not shining when the then Govt of NDA led by BJP had declared so but do Congress representatives have a face to say ‘Bharat Nirman’ is not a hype and different?  Scams after scams are being exposed and even the Whitest of Congress Colors are under scanner of disbelief of the nation and still Manish Tiwari can say -‘ Ho Raha Bharat Nirman’ ?
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Nirman ( Development) has been noticed in fuel prices , inflation, scams and corruption , planning commission’s toilets,duration of our dear PM’s silence on issues that matter , that is all I can point out .
Let me know people if there is any Nirman you have noticed within the decade which makes sense ! Probably, I am thinking too pessimistically about  ‘Bharat Nirman’  after the ‘India Shining’ hype, a decade back .

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  1. They just want to show that they are “actually”doing something other than scams also! -Dhongi babas! Great and a very pitiful cartoon!

  2. Nirmaan means production what ever we are producing as pointed out by you we are good at it I guess or why else would people elect the same people again and again

    1. hahaha Vijay Bhai .. hardcore Congress fan hahaha ok bhai – Ho raha Bharat Nirman … 🙂
      Wish any of these parties were good .. wish it was sensible to support any of these political parties !! Same people under different banners ! 🙂

    1. har shaakh pe ullu beithein hain anjaame gulistaan kya hoga ..
      har mod pe bhrastachari aur durachari hain anjaame Hindustan kya hoga ! 😉

  3. The truth has been so nicely depicted in your doodle!
    No bharat nirmaan, nothing, only corruption and the so called politicians are making a lot of money…. ‘pocket nirmaan’.
    All is sham, when will things change?

  4. Of course Bharat Nirman ho raha hai… corrupted bharat Nirman ho raha hai… which is so required in today’s date…and I am not even mentioning other factors.

    1. thanks Sfurti .. yes its a true and sad state of affair but a reality since Indian Independence , I suppose
      Thanks for leaving your valuable view dear .

  5. Enjoyed the cartoon. Made me think Will Indians buy the concept of Bharat Nirmaan ? We had rejected the India shinning story.

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