Sharif invites PM Singh on oath taking ceremony

Nawaz Sharif who has been elected as the PM of Pakistan for the 3rd term has invited Indian PM Manmohan Singh to attend the oath-taking ceremony.
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0 thoughts on “Sharif invites PM Singh on oath taking ceremony”

    1. 😀 .. Atal ji ?? is it ?? Wow ! thats a great news ! i think Atal Ji is a great personality who is respected by leaders outside India too ! 🙂

        1. Suppa Duppa Like Richa !! I insist you carry on with comic strips dear . If the first one was so humourous I am sure this is just the beginning !
          I thank Almighty for making my circles and lines a reason to ignite the hidden talent already inside you!
          I am inspired with the way you picked up .. looked for tools and bang – came up with your very first strip in almost about 10-12 hrs I suppose.
          🙂 awesome !

  1. PM meets PM! Great cartoon! Manmohan should not let go of this opportunity as after awhile he won’t be getting these invitations anymore!

    1. hahaha !! no bus tactics this time 😀 thanks for dropping by Jeevan ji ! I am sorry your comment landed inside spam and only today I dug it out . thanks for sharing your views and precious time 🙂 appreciate it !! 🙂

  2. The Last Meet i would say…m sure Manmohan singh is not coming back after the zillions of scams congress party is meddled in 🙂

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