52 responses on “Sharif invites PM Singh on oath taking ceremony

        1. My Say

          Suppa Duppa Like Richa !! I insist you carry on with comic strips dear . If the first one was so humourous I am sure this is just the beginning !
          I thank Almighty for making my circles and lines a reason to ignite the hidden talent already inside you!
          I am inspired with the way you picked up .. looked for tools and bang – came up with your very first strip in almost about 10-12 hrs I suppose.
          🙂 awesome !

    1. My Say

      hahaha !! no bus tactics this time 😀 thanks for dropping by Jeevan ji ! I am sorry your comment landed inside spam and only today I dug it out . thanks for sharing your views and precious time 🙂 appreciate it !! 🙂

  1. sjiggyasa

    The Last Meet i would say…m sure Manmohan singh is not coming back after the zillions of scams congress party is meddled in 🙂

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