0 thoughts on “After Karnataka Polls”

        1. hahahaha.. thanks Sourav for actually reading between the lines and the image which was an intentional approach to make some souls curious and some souls declare the animal..
          This way while the post is fun for my readers … the comments become fun for me .. 😀

    1. i love cartooning Modi .. in various way … and Manmohan and Sonia and Rahul… hahahha.. all of them are favourite to doodle in different ways…
      this is yet another style in which i drew him 😀 u will notice the difference if he see my previous Modi cartoons !! 🙂

  1. Forget Congress, there are enough crabs in BJP itself and its constituents like RSS, Bajrang Dal, VHP etc to ensure that Modi will never be allowed to take up the top position. They will pull him down from inside.
    Congress is desperately praying that BJP declare Modi as the PM candidate so that the polarisation will happen and then the UPA-3 is confirmed.

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