56 thoughts on “Thought Of The Day-Mocking”

  1. Ha ha ha! Cooooool thought 🙂 Very true! We love to doodle others but when it comes to us, we feel uncomfortable! Bechare Netas! Unki kya haalat hogi? The whole world doodles on them 🙂

  2. The caption and doodle is just so perfect…It reminds me the famous “Chatur” speech in the movie 3 idiots where the Mantri laughs until its his turn of humiliation…

    1. hahahaha yes true.. although i realized this human pain long back when my friends would love me drawing other chaps but would hate to see their own doodles with their common attributes !! They would say it does not look like me or it could have been better or even behave as if cartoons do not exist in this world !! 😀
      we hate being mocked at …. but complain when political leaders and their party men object to such cartoons or jokes 🙁 Just because its a politician does it mean he is elligible to be mocked at .. so what if he is corrupt .. even we are not all pure .. 🙂
      Happiest are they who can take mocking interestingly and excitingly. 🙂

    1. I have attacked him most of the times but now I am tired of him not reacting even at worsts of my doodles … Mauni Baba ki Jai 😀

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