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  1. We all love fun but it is strange when we have to laugh at real things that are not good for us. In this post we have to laugh happily and can not stay away.

    1. wish we were any less in case we got the opportunity.. hahha .. desert rain .. jitna batorna hai bator lo … 5 saal mei .. hahahaha !! thanks for dropping by Hitesh !!

    1. hahahaha … haan haan mei to pehle hi crazy tha ab aur bhi crazy hoon thanks to the Demo of craziness of our nation’s politics !! 🙂

  2. Prolific is the word for you MS! No wonder the Treasury is always empty and the salaried section is always under the scanner for more tax. Now there’s a proposal for congestion tax.
    Lo karlo baat! Can you beat that…
    insurgents ko city mein allow karen koi aur…vote bank ke chakkar mein slums ko paale koi aur…urbanization ko development ka naam de koi aur…..aur congestion tax bharen hum…bahut nainsafi hai re!!!!

    1. hahaha .. India hai chalta hai … !! 🙂 Majboori ka naam Mango People akhir bgawaan nei hume taxes pay karne ke liye hi to banaya hai .. !! 🙂
      Thanks for sharing this information .. let me google that out and see what has the SILENT BOT and his guys are upto CONGESTION TAX .. bolke koi tax hota hai bhala ??? hahaha

  3. Yes a lot remains . Still salaries of middle class people remain . only 33 % goes for tax. Levy more taxes on us. With the tax money ,create projects .and from Projects make money for yourself. Or else another option is create projects take loan from world banks , make corruption money and levy taxes on people . Nitesh plenty is remaining on that chair or throne.
    Travel India

    1. looks like politics is lot fruitful than doodling for 0 coins !! hahaahha kya bolte bhai Indi Votes ki tarah original politics mei bhi vote denge na ??
      waise bhi cartoonist jaada frustrate honeke baad politician ban jaata hai ( Late Balasaheb ) 😉

  4. Haha… Recently went to Bellary to visit a friend. Even though they have dug out most of the hills, but looked like, still lot of stuffs left out there for Congress to take over.

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