0 thoughts on “All is Well ?”

    1. yet another one?? 😀 bechara India… !! I have already thrown 5 footballs, i suppose … 🙂 thanks a ton for those awesome words dear friend

    1. hei.. thanks for dropping by Panchali di..indeed coalgate , railgate , 2G, ye ji .. wo ji … the list goes on and yet the peaceful govt and the silent bot like PM behaves as if – All is Well !! 🙂

  1. Yaa, that’s the attitude we Indians show even though nothing is well. Mostly to avoid their skin from getting dirty of trying and cleaning the mess.

  2. Every time I see some mind-blowing cartoons in newspapers I used to wonder their skill yet feel for them because they deserve to get more than that, but only a few people finds time to appreciate their master work beyond it.. I know one thing for sure, creating one cartoon that sweeps off the readers in seconds is as equal to writing a full novel that does the same after so many pages. I whole-heartedly appreciate your talent and I request you not give it up for any cause!!! Keep innovating.. because we Love Your Cartoooooons!!

    1. a very very big thank you for that amazing motivational appreciation ..yes i will confess , thinking a plot which can best explain in dialogues or monologues .. an entire episode .. is challenging and I am learning everyday and there have been times when I have been asked to get into SOME SERIOUS BUSINESS 🙂 ..hehehe after all cartoons and their makers are not supposed to be taken seriously !! So far .. its been these awesome comments which have kept me fueled up … and i hope to justify the love and affection from appreciators like yourself !! thanks again 🙂

  3. … and you’ve chosen the one sport in which India has no recognition internetionally. I see what you did there! 😉

    1. hahahaha !! well .. Brendan I have my humour hidden all one behind other .. I feel happy when someone unfolds it .. so thank You a ton and more 🙂

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