0 thoughts on “Balaji Telefilms evaded around 30 crores -IT Dept”

    1. hehe although the characters do not resemble .. I mean Ekta and Tushar .. but I somehow did not even try on this doodle .. just wanted to pass on the humour across.. too much of politics had made me upset !! Just wanted a change 🙂 Thanks for the compliment Bush 😉

      1. 🙂 You are welcome and seems like you didn’t read the reply on my ‘guest posts page’ 😐

  1. Neelam Dadhwal

    The cartoon is very powerful. It is important to sarcastically test high and mighty. Good work. keep it going.

    1. thanks Neelam 🙂
      appreciations are the only grains the pigeon of creativity,feeds on (Kadar Khan style dialogue 😉 ) thanks for dropping by and expressing your thoughts and for that wonderful supporting words .. means a lot !! 🙂

  2. That too tushar doesn’t get to speak a word in the entire movie…courtesy of Goalmaal…lovely depiction…i didn’t believe that saas bahu serials …would even earn 1 crore….but by looking at the Tax eaveded by her…my knowledge about her serials is surely divulging me … 😉

    1. hahahaha .. yes Anjan .. we got to accept bro, these deadly, meaningless , awful storyline wala saas bahu daily serial -killing daily SOUPs hehehe.. fetch loads of money and probably Balaji makes a lot outta that and then they invest the money in Tushar movies and then the profit of the company nullifies 😀

  3. Haha thats so true but I am sure Balagi earns from the television nonsense wayyyy more than they waste on sponsoring Tushar K’s vacation in bollywood

  4. I have been following this news for the last 3 days in the newspaper …. i am amazed that additional 30cr expenditures were inflated so that they can evade taxes ! and addition to that 20cr worth of jewelries are also under the scanner ! how do they earn so much from such flop shows man … I guess its money laundering !

  5. 😀 All their profit goes in making Tusshar kapoor’s movie.
    Anyways all celebrities to a more or less extent evade tax, some come to our notice and some don’t.
    And as Aziz has said it is a part of a bigger nexus of money laundering in the Bollywood!

    1. oh yes some serious well developed and organized goof up is going up there among the billionaires of the nation 🙁
      ‘aal ij whele… aal ij whele…..’ 🙂

  6. Oh C’mon…Tushar did a pretty commendable job at Golmaal…Probably because he didn’t have any dialogues to deliver… 😀

        1. hahahaha.. just wanted to experiment a bit more … and make the characters .. a little uselessly …. different . Glad it worked out to fetch your appreciations Namrota !!

    1. hahaha indeed .. its her duty to shell out all she earns .. by making profits out of those weepy episodes and evading taxes .. to see some day the brother is on his feet … 😉

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