'You Are in Chinese Territory!'

With even the brigadier level talks failing and Chinese continue to reinforce the camps they built inside 19 kms in Indian Territory and our dear government still discussing available options to handle the issue, looks like ours is a weakest country of all. Despite this invasion , India plans to continue with the joint-military exercises scheduled in October, this year,with ChineseΒ troopsΒ  The freshly occupied space now has banner saying-YOU ARE IN CHINESE TERRITORY!
Pakistan kills Sarabjit Singh and Indian Govt keeps silent.Chinese enter and capture Indian land and India remains silent.Bombs blast at frequent intervals , India speaks nothing. Rapes become Indian way of Β life, Indian government stares helplessly.Government and private level Scams are synonymous to our country’s name and still India prefers silence.
Peaceful ??
How long ??
Let the neighbours do whatever they wish to ?
Will someone question our administrators .. Whats going On ?
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73 thoughts on “'You Are in Chinese Territory!'”

  1. Reminds me of famous quot from RDB “ye…India hai India…yaha kuch nahi badalne wala…agar kuch badalne ki koshish karo to khud badal jaoge”

  2. Precisely, my dear! Those Pakistani cretins will now handover the dead lump of Sarabjeet but they couldn’t have handed over the breathing man. We take years to hang a vile butcher called Kasab and when he dies of Dengue we stage a show of hanging him. The Chinese are spitting all over our faces. And we have a cadaver as the Premier of the nation. How did we manage to bring such disgrace to ourselves? Are we fit for democracy?

    1. Its time both these neighbours be warned of consequences …. anyways .. what is the point of peace which comes at the bargain of freedom !! Feels so helpless and bad to be a citizen of a country which is scared to dare for things which are ethically valid !! πŸ™

  3. i fail to understand why the govt. is keeping quiet. It gives an impression we are shy and deserve to stay in veils blind to everything around us.

    1. Its astonishing Sir,…. that India keeps a defensive behaviour towards Pakistan and China ,… even when it has ethical reasoning to be raise eyebrows …. Indian Govt has always behaved like the the goat … ready to be sacrificed !!

  4. With elections coming so much closer it’s not shocking that my sisters have decided to vote for none as they think no one is worthy of their vote! 😐 These elections are not benefiting people in any way, they are only benefiting the winning parties hence giving them licence to cheat us and empty our pockets through taxes and god-knows-what bills!!!
    As a child i was very fascinated by the elections and dreamed of being able to vote one day, but today when i actually have a chance to vote- i don’t want to πŸ™ *pathetic!*
    Great doodle πŸ™‚ and again i say…. at least something is interesting abt the Indian Govt ! πŸ™‚

    1. which we will never initiate …. and conclude before even it has started by giving up all the land they want …. πŸ™
      Thanks to the peaceful Govt and Speechless PM
      Wish Modi takes over .. at least these neighbours would get to know what India is !! I may sound childish but i wish I was Arni of Terminator – with those big guns .. would have dragged the chinese invadors out of our land !!

  5. Your doodle is quite hilarious! Despite the seriousness of the issue you have put the point across in a humorous way! I hope PM Manmohan sees this and is compelled to take action! But ye wish to wish hi rah jayega… I guess πŸ™

    1. πŸ™‚ I love your posts so much .. the captures are so amazing that commenting becomes an obvious step πŸ™‚ Thanks for dropping by Mridula !! πŸ™‚

    1. hehe Salute ? Aazi now ur taking my ride !! πŸ™‚ Some kind of ferociousness has developed since I have found that Indian Map we read in school , was a lie.. Some parts are taken by china and some by Pak … then why not we are given the right info ? The next generation may not know that China further penetrated 19 kms and more in Kashmir and around the same distance in north east !! Why ?? And why not we dare to stop them … we can fight Pakistan for valid reasons but not China ?? Are they men of steal and if they are , are Indians less and even if we are less we will give a fight … thats our duty !! And I see the mute robotic leader of the nation doing nothing about being invaded !! disgust !!

    1. Thanks dear Vijay … I feel so helpless as an Indian .. and so coward and so weak .. Is that any reason to be proud of a nation where the govt is scared to fight for its own land ??

  6. Spot on!!! And knowing the PM he will probably just gesture at them to have their own way, ‘cos he prefers to stay silent. And when he does talk it is not like he has anything sensible to say.
    We live in such frustrating times!

    1. Indeed Shweta frustrates being an Indian , an Indian who cannot save the country being invaded in 2013 AD !! History will curse the administrators of the date and and so would be the coming generations …
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts !!

  7. I would be could at satire and social / political cartoons but I do just humor because that is what my readership enjoys and it is a relief not to have to think about politics all the time. But you seem do do well in this genre.

    1. πŸ™‚ Thank u for that wonderful appreciation .. I dont know if I deserve it .. πŸ™‚ .. but appreciations surely give the reason to do better everytime.. food for creative growth ! πŸ™‚
      political humour has specific audience and country specific, the set of people who are politically well informed ..and very few take interest in knowing whats going on at govt’s level unless some news has made it to the headlines… I somehow feel, its my moral responsibility to update people about political movements adding a little bit of humour and sarcasm. Honestly, a common Indian is fed up of even bad-mouthing the govt… hence now people dont bother at all… πŸ˜€
      Thanks for dropping by and adding your very valuable feedback .. Appreciate it .. very much !!! πŸ™‚

  8. I like your emotional post… but brother, who is the going to take the initiative.?
    Let’s do it….
    Lets catch our leaders collars and ask them,when they come to us; as elections are near by…!!!!!!
    sorry : They are not leaders, they are politicians……..

  9. Why is India behaving so sheepishly? Why is India welcoming Chinese aggression with open arms? Why can’t China shown be its place? Why can’t India create a hullabaloo about this at the international level? My question is: why is India so silent and dumbstruck?

    1. indeed thats the only thing which sounds so astonishing … As a govt,your country is being invaded and you behave as if ‘AAL IJ WHALE’ ? Dont you feel you need to answer the citizens of your country ??

    1. Should I thank u bhai for that compliment or should I say its time we do .. all of us … as this politics will decide how our future will be … as Indians … as this will decide what we are planting for the coming generation .. as there will rise a question in the future … what were the citizens of 2013 AD doing when politics was in non deserving hands ?? Anyways, wish it was limited to politics .. its about losing your land to foreigners and if continued .. your identity … Wish it was just politics bhai !! Wish …. !!!!

      1. You are absolutely correct. I didn’t mean this particular post, but in general Ur posts πŸ™‚

        1. πŸ™‚ I understood what you meant Jahid Bhai … I was talking in general about all we Urban Indians … its time we give them a check … they just cannot do whatever they feel like … its not only the country of the govt … we the people are an integral part of it … they cannot trade us and our lands for their vested interest ?
          bhai i’m feeling very helpless being a common man who cannot do anything about the continued Chinese invasion and they have the guts to dare our media for hyping the invasion news ? the mute govt keeps silent.. actionless ?

  10. I saw this cartoon yesterday and didn’t get it. I only just picked up on this news story from another blogger – it wasn’t reported in any of the papers I read or on the TV yesterday – and I watch BBC, CNN and SKY News. So it looks like it’s not just India’s Politicians who are holding their breath! A very timely cartoon, great job!

  11. India is not a nation but a conglomeration of feudal political stations that are only interested in sharing the nations’ wealth for their private needs. And this is the destiny of such a place in the end. Not even god(?) can help them at this rate.

  12. Despite all the oddities India comes at No. 1 slot in foreign remittance. We are about to over ride their economy booster, which is manufacturing of anything.
    World knows well how hard we are to die. Chinese are doing it for a long time. They acquired Tibbet yet tibbetans find India their bro. Dalai Lama is a persona whole world gives support to. He is a trumph card India kept.
    Rape is your own mental problem… Our men are, too starved of estostrien. India can’t be free-sex zone.
    And yes, it is MODI factor, the world knows how stinking dog he is. If he becomes PM, India will become Hindu-Taliban- eager to kill.
    Remember! We are beating China.

    1. Shabab bhai.. first of all thanks for dropping by and expressing your thoughts … on the issue,
      no matter how and where we are about to beat China economically or Tibet or any other country supporting us, does not satisfy the question that why should we keep our mouth shut when they invade us and why should we not have leaders who can keep the country’s pride intact ?
      None of the leaders in the present govt are worth keeping India’s pride in front of the neighbours who are a pain since independence. We need to face it !!
      Keeping Dalai Lama happy wont resolve Indian border issues with China ! We need to set a strong example not sit like cowards.
      Rape is a mental problem only ?? Is that how easily can we get away from the issue ?? Abduction and rape indicates fearlessness against crime and repetition of the same marks a stamp on the courage of culprits and a failure of law and order in the land. Govt IS responsible to a great extent in this case as well..
      Now comes Modi, now that is worth debating while I understand why that roughness in your language is for that individual and most of the Hindus hated his act during 2002. That does not take the credit totally away from him that he is a visionary ! Lot , lot and yet lot better than whosoever claims to be a secular Indian leader in the land !! You can’t name one man in any party who has the leadership quality like that of Modi … Now comes the Talibanism part of Hindus … that can happen with any community … The so called secular Congress did not leave a stone unturned in punishing Sikhs for Indira Gandhi’ death.
      Are they secular ??
      Probably you have enough reasons of using rough language for any particular leader and even others have enough reason for using abusive languages for leaders you may term good and secular .. so getting into that debate wont help us Indians … commoners .. aam aadmis …
      Modi’s chance of becoming the next PM are minimal,logically however, no matter whosoever it is has to be a man /woman who takes pride in being an Indian before being secular and communal !!
      Only then Lankans, Chinese and Pakistanis will behave properly !
      And before i conclude two things – I am not a blind Modi supporter and secondly , this is my personal view like the way you expressed but I have no intentions of hurting sentiments of any Indian..so i apologize , just in case , my arguments may hurt.

  13. what i see in this post is patriotism without logic or being rational.like china,most of indian politicians and powerful does same with common man and weak in day to day life.common man or weak never did war or brought revolution to bring an end to india’s powerful class.india is weak and incompetent in developing its nation or making its defense strong.so china is taking advantage of weak india like our politicians and business tycoons take advantage of common man.its just a thumb rule of psychology.
    indians are least patriotic and they spend all their life in minting money to build their personal wealth by all means of corruption.who cares in building india or its defenses?its all about scams raining 365 days that keeps india weak and coward.indian government spends its 5 years tenure in saving government from scamster ministers and bureaucrats.
    indians lack character,so a person who lives by wrong means can’t point finger towards another.let me give you a real life example,when i was crossing road,a guy was driving in wrong direction and when i complained to traffic police standing nearby,he gave a smile as if am new to illegal india.indians like being illegal all the day,how can they raise voice against anything illegal.
    when i go to single screen theatre,people sit quiet while sweating even if the theatre guy doesn’t switch on air conditioner.when i spoke to manager ,he said “you are the only one complaining when others are calm”,i took my money back and left theatre.people sat like bhakras/goats and saw movie.generally i watch at multiplexes where people charge you bomb for everything to exploit you at best.for average movies i feel its not worth spending money at multiplex.these are just few examples.
    if india goes to war,there will be a financial crisis of greatest magnitude which will lead to civil war and self-destruction.

    1. Dear Shivai 989 ,
      patriotism itself is irrational ..and illogical .. I suppose for you.
      you explained all the reasons of why India cannot dare China… I as the author of the post is as helpless as you are… Even your expression shows nothing but helplessness…
      What solutions do you have other than complaining about fellow Indians ?
      Do not think , I got offended and hence I am reacting . I am reacting because , I am finding it funnier that .. while you are helpless so am I but you find my post illogical and irrational … πŸ™‚
      Calm down bro/sis … change is inevitable and its time change be taking place .. sooner than later..
      As per your frustration, I find, its foolish to even talk about what problems are persisting !! As a common man , I can discuss it in public and you cannot expect me to get down on streets and become another Kejriwal or Anna .. who themselves failed to awaken all of us !!

      1. I do not support shivaii989, but I must say that it would be better if things are resolved peacefully. We don’t want the misery of war, which has to be done only when there is no other way to reclaim and stop the Chinese.

        1. thankfully we have a good news that they have backed down from one of their camps … after the army officials kept meeting Chinese counter-parts ! Again everything may be just calm down the media while internally the govt may have granted the land to Chinese to avoid confrontation!
          Yes war is evil .. but if the Kauravas dont realize it how long will Pandavas keep giving up their land ??
          Thanks for dropping by and sharing your views !!

  14. well ,am not helpless or frustrated coz am not trying to change indians and i have clarity on whole issue and i have a solution too but people don’t like to change.yep,a solution is something which can change situation but people won’t be ready to implement so its useless.i din’t ask innocent questions like you.(whats going on?)
    you really got offended with my comment,i wrote above stuff coz you asked innocent questions like news reader,if you had written with clarity with clear cut analysis without questioning administration,i might have appreciated you without writing such long comment.
    patriotism for me is being morally right and to work prosperity of me and my country.patriotism ain’t irrational or illogical.if you are morally right,thats enough,you need not go on roads and need not try for publicity coz people are not going to change.my solution is “i can’t change my fellow indians and am not going to give up my morally right behavior coz everyone around me is corrupt”.
    we can’t go on roads to change people,atleast our writings must be sensible in virtual world.one can write solution and one can analyse situation with clarity online,are we going to lose anything by writing solution or by providing clarity.you might have saved my time coz i might have not written comment in your blog.i had to write comment coz there was no clarity in post and had lots of innocent questions without basic analysis.if you ask innocent/ignorant questions without providing clarity/analysing,then its called patriotism without logic or being rational.
    i hope you won’t get offended with my reply,but improvise your way of expressing things.

    1. Offended ?? Indeed , I am !!
      This time !! But Big Deal !!
      Who cares ?
      Mr Shiva Kumar,
      Let me know if you have a blog where you write sensible , analytically correct and updated informative ,solution-packed , meaningful and eye-opener solutions . I would rather seek some preaching. I never claim I am a great writer , a political critical analyst or a great doodler. I apologize if you had to spend your precious time answering this irrationally patriotic post !! Indeed , I may have made you respond because of my lack of clarity on probably all the national level issues !!
      Thankfully, bloggers are yet to get censored for writing else I suppose I would have been butchered lot before for writing irrational patriotism and senseless posts , I understood the fact !! Thanks for enlightening !! Hopefully, I wont disappoint a great thinker next time ever he stumbles upon on my site !! I hope I be pardoned this time !
      Coming to the last and yet the most important part – I am more of a bad doodler than a worse political analyst or visionary !
      I am common man of India who has a normal 9-6 job to take care of .. , a family to feed and a small space to write my frustrations , happiness and a space to draw. And what I draw or type is MY SAY as a commoner !! Now even if visionary and sensible people like yourself edit that part as well, it would become all the more difficult to live life !!
      Why I can’t be an innocent Indian who seeks answers from the govt ? I do my bit ! I don’t spit on the road. I don’t bribe any officer public or private. I give votes. I follow all Indian Laws and then I have my innocent question – WHATS GOING ON ?? Am I expected to seek answers from the PMO ?? Do you think it will answer me ?? I don’t think so ?
      I am sure with your kind of learned person, I would be directed to not only write sensible but probably my self-drawn doodles and cartoons may get better directed as well!!
      100s of sensible , gyanis are there in the blogging arena who write great posts on Indian politics and solutions . I have read since last 7 years now. I am unable to relate to them . I am a common man and I have my common way of expressing my common views on uncommon happenings !! Hence I apologize for being one and still daring to write few sentences and putting up innocent questions and probably spoiling moods of learned people of the nation!
      Sincere Apologies

  15. i don’t have a blog coz i know that people don’t have acceptance to certain magnitude of wisdom and they label you as boring.i started writing(just a hobby) from my 10nth grade(2004) in various online forums and nytimes blogs comments section,i came across certain blogs through nytimes where people were advertising their blog links to attract more readers instead of contributing to a post on nytimes under comments section.i came across your blog through these guys.its sad that you took my comments in negative way.

    1. i dont know NYTimes to be honest !!
      I never do any promotion directly Shiva ! I visit fellow bloggers and they visit me .. thats all !!
      Trust me not in the negative sense .. all I am asking is … let me know ..please .. what is a practical way out other than putting your frustrations out on a space … Shiva you are somehow agreeing that not all accept wisdom beyond a limit .. Indeed they dont !! Most of us !!
      We have a stern belief nothing will change !!
      So better mock it out and ease yourself … thats all i do … I apologize yet again any of my statement made you feel .. I was offended .. nothing offends a doodler … for my doodles are my voice.. for all my emotions .. in fact I should share this .. our conversations got me an idea for another post on readership !!
      Its just difference of perception .. neither of us need to change !! Mutually we can agree to disagree .. πŸ™‚

  16. what is practical way out?
    from my childhood i have a attitude called straight speaking.when someone cheats me in day to day life,whether its a restaurant guy who provides low quality food even after spending hundreds,whether its auto rickshaw guy who doesn’t go by meter or cheats with tampered meter,whether its with car rental guy who asks for more money after reaching destination,whether its close relative who acts like opportunist.i tell all of them on their face that they make living by cheating and stand in queue at temples to grant more prosperity even after cheating day n night.when you have the habit of speaking on face ,you don’t carry frustration.all these cheats will test your patience,when you are determined not to lose patience,it converts into ultimate intellect aka wisdom.i don’t save my wisdom for fair weather day so i don’t mind sharing my thoughts.i have derived a equation after all practical life and bearing with patience.
    this world has definite population and this population has definite number of perceptions.
    magnitude of intellect/wisdom=amount of flawless life you have led=number of world perceptions within

  17. I saw a lot of people have a lot to say. But we as indians always only say. Thats the whole point. Our government in fact resonates what we are inside. Only money hungry economy driven humans for who Kashmir can fall but the sensex shouldnt. The world will make use of such philosophies against us and before we know it your comic will be a reality.
    teach me how you draw all these comics seriously. Write a post outlining the steps! have the concepts inside head but not the trick πŸ™‚

    1. so right you are on the issue !! Hopefully administrators wake up before its too late and are not required to settle border matters under the table — The Chinese entered and left … WHY ? remains the most important question ! What made them go back ?
      Sure dear !! I will do that … a post or a video whatever is possible I will do and share it. It would be a pleasure if another doodler is born … although we all have a doodler inside .. only few let it grow !! πŸ™‚

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