3rd Indo-China flag meeting to discuss incursions

China’s Foreign Ministry has politely but firmly declared  more than once that its  a new camp near  the Line of Actual Control in the Depsang Valley of Ladakh(19kms inside Indian territory )and it is not an incursion. A third meeting was held today in Ladakh  between army commanders from China and India to discuss  the border tension that has erupted since a platoon of Chinese soldiers set up a camp 19 kms within Indian territory.
Indian Defence Minister has also clarified that India would seek all measures to ensure a peaceful resolution on the matter!!!!
I love my peaceful government !! Do you ?

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Chinese build camps 19kms inside Ladakh


0 thoughts on “3rd Indo-China flag meeting to discuss incursions”

  1. Its such a nation shame … we cannot protect our borders from these Chinese troops ! I wonder whats coming next … will they slowly invade India .. that a horrifying thought ! Well done Mysay but continuing the saga of this topic !

  2. We love to solve all our problems rather ‘peacefully’, don’t you think! Be they external insurgents or our own home grown problems! Nice one!

  3. mumbaimadrasi

    This one i-love-peace attitude of our government is the only reason behinf=d the country tagged as STILL A developING country 🙂

    1. oh yes that ‘developing country’ tag allows us many aids from developed country which are there for the govt to keep in personal pocket 😉

  4. Soon you will find entire Kashmir and Assam in history books – and chapter would be something like.. this is how India looked like and what our gr8 politicians did.

    1. who knows .. while these states would be ruled by other countries … (which partially is already true) our school books will continue to show the old maps just to keep us and our future generations misguided !! 🙁

  5. Well if i say it in my words ” The peace is going to land us in pieces”. We have the world’s first and only “Robot PM” and we should we proud of this technological advancement, that even the US and JAPAN haven’t achieved. 😮
    This programmed bot has the ability to stay mute in the worst of situations 😉
    A proud Indian,

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