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        1. yes .. indeed .. I am planning to publicly appreciate all my star appreciators .. who never fail to be a part of my posts and u know, u rank gr8 … u have failed few of my previous appreciators…and now they prefer not commenting at all 😀
          So … ur among the current divas of the site !!

          1. Oh my! Haha 🙂 That’s sweet Jack 😉 hmmmm….then what about my site…i think you are a super star appreciator too 🙂 It’s so good to have you as a co-blogger cum friend 🙂

    1. 😀 and it gets repeated in every session … that is the biggest wonder.. I guess they hate discussions .. they love Metallica or Prodigy without Electronic Guitar and Drums .. hence they noise their songs out … in the parliament !! 🙂

  1. Well represented , People have a feeling about the supreme authority in democracy that these people are useless. They are the right people to think rather than just shouting. I hope things and your cartoon too changes in future.

    1. hehehe .. dear Suhas, thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts … I will tell u… I would love to draw in favour of them …. alas, they never do anything to be appreciated ever !! Else , are we mangoes mad that we would hate them even though we elect them ? 🙂

    1. oh nothing .. we just appreciating eachother for being kind to eachother’s posts by commenting 🙂 and liking or criticizing … 🙂 if u asking about the doodle… on Parliament , dear Deepti, wish we knew whats going on , at all ? 😀

  2. I cant agree more with you! It seems so much is goin on but final outcome is nothing! Sad!
    And is it deliberatly that you have shown women arguing ‘grrhh grrhh’ ( Brinda pathak and sonia gandhi?) and the male members snoozing at the back??
    Good one! You keep humor alive!

    1. hehehe … I fear women power … at least in politics .. (Sushma Swaraj and Sonia and Meira Kumar the one who is more popular for her -Baith jaiye Baith Jaiye requests,as a speaker)
      Thanks a ton !Your appreciations keep my enthusiasm alive 🙂

    1. so have I …. nothing beyond Baith Jaiye 😀 .. thanks for dropping by Renu .. and I am content you liked my work 🙂
      hope to see you often now 🙂

  3. Hahaha… “Baith jaiye Baith jaiye”.. Madam speaker’s taqiya kalaam… is all that she utters with her dreamy eyes hovering around.
    Very apt and humorous post here 😀

  4. You know what? There is even a phone app that has the speaker lady saying ‘baith jaiye, shaant ho jaiye’ over and over again! Your depiction is hilarious!

    1. hahaha is it ?? i had no clue … haha .. a phone app .. hahaha 😀 ??
      Well thanks for dropping by and appreciating 🙂
      cant stop laughing .. even others notice Meira Kumar doing that Baith Jaiye Shant ho jayiye ‘N’ number of times … !!! hahaha

    1. indeed 🙂 no need to add anything in terms creativity .. i just copied what I always see…in parliament 🙂 thanks for dropping by Himanshu 🙂

  5. 2 parties with equal hands in the till blaming each other and stalling parliament to ensure that no discussion takes place that will expose the match fixing that they do and how they have looted the country’s resources in the coalgate scam.

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