Indian Scams

This is a small tribute to continuous news of private,government and and political level scams since independence.

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tribute to continuous Indian Scams post Independence

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        1. 🙂 differences of opinion .. thats quite a possibility …. anyhow something has to appreciable … and I am glad atleast the doodles are appreciated by u Aazi !! 🙂

  1. Thought provoking doodle I say, had my funny spin on it.. Imagining Munna Bhai sanjay Dutt in the form of Gandhiji. The header is quite interesting but what it is it trying to convey? U keeping your head above water?

    1. hahaha!! header says .. its not me, my doodles who have their say .. escaping controversies 😀 ….
      Sanju Baba idea is instigating enough to work on a new doodle altogether … alas, I am packing bags for official tour …

  2. Probably, Gandhiji might have felt like that. The nation is on the inferno of corruption. If Babu Ji were to come to the nation in another avatar he must come not with his lean stick but with a gun.

  3. Hello MySay. true representation as we now associate the nation with scams and corruption. We do not need to get corruption out from the system but to get the system out from corruption.

  4. Yes reading about the scams this would surely cross the mind. Good say.!
    But things like independence should not be looked in a retrospective light.
    India is going through transition, each developed nation has gone through this 🙂

  5. Good Say! reading about scams one would surely think that.
    But India is going through ‘transition phase’ which every developed country has gone through. But yes this is no excuse for scams etc.

  6. Wikipedia will need to start a new encyclopedia to document all the scams that have happened in India in the past 60 years. These are just the tip of the iceberg. Just imagine how many of them have gone unnoticed or undetected.

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