China enters Ladakh

Chinese troops are about 10 kms inside Ladakh and have made a remote camp as well. Even Chinese helicopters entered Indian territory.India continues to say it hopes to resolve issues with China peacefully !
Repeated entry inside Indian territory by Chinese has become a normal news , may be for us and the government too. So let them enter and take up all our country and we will see when we can schedule a meeting with their officials to solve the issue peacefully.
What is the Government upto , only they know the best . Feels so helpless to realize someone is capturing our country slowly since decades and claims our part of land as theirs and we let them do so ? The government prefers to remain silent on the issue as it prefers on any other topics . The opposition is helplessly accusing as they always do and all goes to deaf ears. We the Mangoes of India, we are busy watching IPL,or at the most discussing Chinese invasions over office coffee breaks , office gossips and over a peg or two. Rural mangoes probably may not even know about the news.Looks like no one is bothered.
If Β the East India Company can what is the harm if China ends up ruling us or even taking away half our country ? Who cares !! In India nobody cares .. capture a 5 year old girl or parts of country nobody cares !!,china entering india,

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    1. Thanks but where are you ?? looks like very busy !!Coming on the topic – this was the slogan Hindi-Chini bhai bhai .. which the chinese army had used in 1962 to befool Indian troops !! India had lost many lives

      1. Ab kuch din me you’ll wonder where my blog is 😐 …….i am loosing track of online life now….working so hard to atleast check the posts of some of my co-bloggers πŸ™ Ya comment bahut mehenga hai bhai, ise sasta mat samajhna….

  1. I swear … we should not take the defensive approach ! this is a question of our defense and border … now they have come upto 10 kms … who knows in the coming year it might be 100 kms …

    1. I have had posted thrice before as many times the news channels and sites have highlighted the issue … and Aazi…I guess many of us do not even know they have already captured above 20 kms in Arunachal Pradesh and dragged Indian army out and have their roads and army … they have taken many parts of India in north east and these opportunist leaders have always shown us Pakistan as our enemy while the Dragon is the real one which is eating up India slowly .. Can u beat this ..whatever electronic items we use are mostly made in China.. we are their biggest market.. a simple lesson would be if Indians stop using Chinese products … they will starve to death those idiots !! But who takes the initiative .. Govts and business houses are minting money out of this why say anything ???

      1. That is some comprehensive data you have … which even i was unaware of … we can just hope that actions are being taken upon by our government .. at best we could protest and make people know through our blogbost ! A good initiative MYSAY!

          1. haha! just kiddin! Anyhow, I was in search of some good artists who can do character drawings and illustrations. Do you do this professionally?

          2. i do only these almost 8 hrs a day … in midst my office breaks.. on weekends….for 12 hrs …. some i post on the blog ! I do them when my friends and want me to for funny greeting cards and sometimes for websites or doodled logos !! Some money chips in through these … πŸ™‚ So I dont know if i should call this my profession … coz my job is my bread earner only heart and fingers are always dying to doodle around here and there on whatevr I get … πŸ™‚

          3. But seriously.. if u feel I am horrible at doodling plz tell me ..i better be knowing it … Although I love them …till I have posted them and then starts a fear that I could have made them lot better.. so I really dont mind any honest feedback fren !!

          4. i would say the doodles or rather caricatures are pretty nice! Have you tried drawing any mascots and 2d characters which can be used across websites? or prints?

  2. This issue has been going on since long. I think people of Sikkim don’t even need passport for China. Now one does wonder what does that imply, don’t we? Anyway, who is going to take up these issues? Everybody is busy with their own lives. Maybe, we need another set of freedom fighters to fight for our rights as we are too busy lazing around.

    1. yes .. indeed !! Arunachal ppl dont need Visas … silently they have entered many parts of north east … and if this is not checked now … we would have to face the worsts !! Are the north eastern states not part of our country or for that matter Kashmir .. half of which is already being taken by Pak and half by China …. and still we befool our kids with that fake map of India which never existed ! POK and China occupied Kashmir exists since ages … but we are kept in dark since childhood !!!

      1. I belong to defense family and I still remember my dad and various defense uncles complaining how they spilled their blood in the battle field to win a war and how politicians lost everything on the diplomatic tables!

        1. in fact thats what they were showing in the News Channels last night !! The Army is kept in a fix as to what to do while Chinese troops are penetrating . One of the gentleman from the military said that whenever India reacts strictly against China for entering India , they take a defensive mode but our govt prefers to take the back seat and let them in what will our Army do ?? As if their lives come for free !!! Leaders and political gamers have spoilt the country to all levels !!

  3. Beautiful cartoon… I agree with your view that we shouldn’t take a defensive approach, but as said in LOTR – “What can men do against such reckless hate”.
    Our only hope is to show the world by maybe playing USA upto them.. to match guns for guns and bullets for bullets.
    PS – This may be the cause of World War 3

    1. Honestly, even i believe America if somehow gets involved would be good for India , the poor India, big and yet poor,
      yes who knows ?? this may be a cause for WW3..thanks for dropping by and expressing your views Soumabha πŸ™‚ thank u for liking the cartoon πŸ™‚

  4. We are on the verge of repeating the same mistake once Nehru did. And, surprisingly I don’t have a penny of hope from GOI. This happens when a ruler himself is being ruled. When a lady CM warns Women mustn’t go out of their homes at night.

    1. we need a leader with vision .. rationality , nationality and yet boldness … !! the ones ruling behave weak outside , remain dumb inside !! No respect they get in the country or by the foreigners !! Just bunch of non performers

  5. Its the same Chinese standard operating procedure. Raise tensions, then talk and then if the opposition is aggressive, back off or else simply occupy the place. A little time later, rinse and repeat.

    1. yes indeed … and the Indians ruling the country and about to complete a decade now … behave cowardly themselves .. had they been able to take tough stands neither China nor any neighbour could raise their eyebrows against world’s 2nd largest population !!

  6. Classic thoughts..evan though many times on this matter but then i realized some of the reason behind it like China has more military power as compared to India, Our Politician are more concerned with Money and scams and scams, Corruptions, every one involved with ourselveslife, who cares ??and no solution found….

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