Delhi 5 year old Raped

A five year old is brutally raped in the national capital  by two men .Even evil must have felt ashamed at this heinous act of  two human beings of the country.Just a few months back India was mourning  the death of young girl who was gang raped in the national capital. A country known for spiritualism is turning into a burial ground of humanity.  🙁
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  1. This line of yours, ” A country known for spiritualism is turning into a burial ground of humanity.” So, true. Foreign women tourist and players now fear to come to Delhi. Such a shame! And while other countries plan growth, development and infra to stabilize their progress and economy in parliament, we are compelled to think and talk about heinous acts by our countrymen diverting us from almost everything. And on top of that, the idiotic views and comments of our so called learned politicians and babas……Further, we blame the place, the country, the politicians and so many others..Oh the long list of blame game! But, the truth is, if each one of us learn to behave our country would be a better place to live. Period!

    1. more than academics humanity is need of the day… for free .. by all religion…should be mandatory for all kids to get the vaccination of humanity since childhood to get rid of the fear of evil attack !!
      Liquor be banned ( I will miss it madly but nothing beyond country) In both and in almost all the animal acts liquor is the motivator !! I am not blaming liquor … and it can be a temporary ban say for a decade and through out ban !! Till the time generations learn humanity and mannerism of sensible drinking !! these are the only practical ways out to kill the devil in us… before time .. to avoid reoccurence of such demonish acts..
      Rest .. virtual protests and blogging and doodling and cartooning will go on… what else are we Urban Indians doing ?
      News Channels probably have made a new dept to name the victims appropriately to grab public sympathy …
      govts may have bought better quality water cannons as the protests are getting common ..
      and we the mangoes …calming down after every fortnight has passed by and Sonias and Dikshits have shown their share of cry in media … and MMSs have preferred remaining mute as programmed !!

    1. KaJo its the need of the day !! I honestly believe its time some serious steps be taken …to teach morality before academics … and the rat race basics of becoming and MBA and Doctor from Muma’s womb

  2. Now, anyone will throw light on statements like this ” Rape happens because men get provoked “…. how can a 5 years Masoom provoke who even struggles to remember A-Z…..:(

  3. You have portrayed the art in the most prolific manner ! I hope SUCH cases warn these sick people to stay away from doing such heinous crimes ! STONGER LAW is A must and fast-track to these cases will do justice in future !

    1. thats probably a way but most importantly the society has to take up the responsibility : more than academics kids are to be taught morality and humanity and religious institutions should take initiatives … along with the society … second is ban this crap called liquor … its not for Indians who have no mannerism of consuming it (most of us) …in both the cases culprits were pissed drunk !!!
      Govt and Laws are for animals which ideally we have become, a herd , a cattle following our head(a religious or a political guru).
      We are self capable to change things if we want … and only stop blaming the govt which anyways is good for nothing …. thanks for sharing your views Aazi !!

  4. Yes, even evil would have felt ashamed. Don’t know what those men are – they can’t be human. Hearing the news I myself felt ashamed for being a man, for being a citizen of this country and those rapists mayn’t have felt a little ting of guilt.

  5. u r correct…its one of the most shameful act that has started taking place in our society and its appalling to find the frequency of such activities increasing day by day….
    time to bring some strict laws….sticking to those laws as a short term remedy…and probably educating our society the basics of human hood rather than any other form of knowledge in long run…..

    1. wish rules could tame lions as domestic animals for life !! well…thanks for dropping by Little Princess and sharing your thoughts !! 🙂

  6. Such henious crimes have always happened, it is just that its happening in the national capital that they are coming to so much prominence. Sometimes it feels, being born a girl is a curse in this world especially India. The scenario in villages is worse still. Recently the incident of 3 minor girls who were sisters were raped and killed in Murmadi village in Lakhani town of Bhandara district in Maharashtra. there are thousand of such cases, few come to light. Its the darkest and biggest blot on humanity. A lot of things have to change esp. the way we bring up our sons, commercialisation of women has to stop, sensitive education system, reforms in police, judiciary and sensitization, strict and swift punishment, change of mindset and to stop seeing women as object of pleasure and suppression or as weak sex. Until we truly make efforts at personal and community level on daily basis, nothing is going to change this, as this is continuing for thousand of years so it needs patience and a lot of sustained efforts from all of us.

    1. indeed .. it needs patience .. for things to happen fall in place… women be treated as Human… in India.
      But the question is till that point how many more will have to sacrifice lives and sustain injuries to haunt for lifetime ??? Kisalaya the point is things are not moving even a bit … yes news are hyped because they happen in Delhi ..because if Delhi being so Urban and the capital of the nation is unsafe where else can we expect womankind in India to be safe ?
      Thanks for dropping by and putting your point across

  7. Very topical and impactful. Violence towards women and girls has a long history in India unfortunately, maybe these terrible crimes will prod us out of our apathy towards it. It is indeed becoming very difficult to say – proud to be an Indian.
    Thank you for the visit to my blog and the very kind comment.

    1. yes Nilanjana .. does not feel that great to claim nationalhood after we are becoming synonymous to repeated crime against women , native and foreigner . India is a “NoT Safe Zone” for woman ..
      Thanks for dropping by and sharing your heart on the incident and on being Indian of the date

  8. It is really sad to read it now and then in News.Shocked and afraid of thinking the future of all girl child in India and I don’t know what else to say

    1. yes .. its becoming a routine to get a news of crime against womankind… and feels helpless at times
      thanks for dropping by and sharing your words Uma

  9. And the height is, the father of the unfortunate kid was being offered money to keep quiet….and now who to blame? The criminal or the so-called protector who is more concerned about saying his skin more?

    1. well said sir ji !! He deserves admiration for being ethical even when wrong !! After all , principles and ethics are fruits of thinking ability which human has been gifted with .

  10. You know what i stopped reading news papers since school time for the prime reason that cases like these were witnessed every now and then…. My mind would be greatly affected by these news and i would suffer depression and would loose hope in myself. A few days back i happened to read the paper at a hospital and was shocked with the news given there. A 2 year old was raped by a man in a municipal hospital while her mother was undergoing a delivery…..they had written something that the girl was in a very critical condition and chances of her surviving were very few…..and again that incident is just not leaving my head! Why do people do this?!!! I swear whenever i read such news i wow that i hate men, but then i think again that all are not the same…..and this war keeps going on in my mind! If ever i am allowed to deal with a man who has raped someone-you don’t know what i am going to do to him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. The sick mentality of females being inferior to men triggers such barbaric acts more.
    And with every passing day crimes of this nature seem to multiply at an alarming rate.
    It’s pathetic.

        1. In strict words- Ban Liquor for a decade throughout the nation . 2nd – Make morality and humanity courses mandatory at different age levels and let all religious institutions take the onus. Just praying wont help. They need to take serious responsibilities !! Human has to be taught why he has been gifted with this attire ! else incidents will happen and helpless we mangoes will ripen and fall and over !!
          I don’t know if I can write anything at all 🙂 , however,try a lot to make the cartoons speak out what my words dare not !! 🙂 thanks for all those showers of appreciation ..Its an energy drink to produce better work !! thanks again!!

          1. hmm…I also feel the change should come within the households, to begin with; boys are fed with the thoughts that girls are inferior to them… this results in a vicious social cycle ending in various crimes against women. Unless the foundation is proper nothing would matter.
            Your are welcome 🙂

  12. sick and cruel scenario.. instead of just hanging them and make their lives easier and less miserable in this world, the laws should be more cruel to punish such Shaitans. let them live a miserable life till their end.

  13. Sad and pathetic scenario. Instead of simply hanging them and made their lives easier and less miserable in this world, the laws should be more cruel on such Shaitans. if i am the law maker, then i would want to make their lives more n more miserable till they live here. Your cartoon is well depicted.

    1. yes !! Life imprisonment is as deadly as hell ..but not for Shaitans they indeed deserve brutal punishment !! But will that guarantee no more such incidents ??

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