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Hello people,
I would  firstly, thank all of you who went an extra mile to congratulate me on my first web-comic,gave your very very valuable feedback to a starter like me,participated in helping me look for the best Title for the Web Comic and most importantly gave your attention and love. With the hope that I would continue to get your attention and cooperation throughout , I would like to announce the most appropriate Title for the Comic, I find is, the one above , already mentioned- The Fiend Request suggested by fellow blogger and a very creative narrator- Geeta and her blog is Panaecea (click the link for her blog).  A blog , any reader would love to spend time on and eventually wait for the next post to be published .She is a fabulous writer and narrator with the remedial approach,as her blog name suggests, on every thing she writes about.
I thank Geeta for the name she suggested for the Web Comic-Fiend Request !
Meanwhile, i would also take the opportunity to request eminent fellow bloggers to introduce similar interactive contests to get the valuable readers involved ( be a blogger or non-blogger ) and credit their initiatives in someway or the other. After all, we blog to be read and I believe, being our readers they deserve to be credited  for spending time on our blogs.
This is just the beginning and I would request all my viewers to expect regular Blog Title Contests. That is a way of sharing the toughest job , I find , on your shoulders. 😀 😀  .. for free ! free !! free !!! 😀 😀 😀
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a comic strip

86 thoughts on “Web Comic- Fiend Request”

    1. thanks a ton … means a lot … you have been a continuous source of support helping me strive for betterment ! It has been a long learning phase since I started .. doodling online and I am yet to learn so co very much and justify the section of creativity . Its mostly during the learning stages that everyone needs more of support than when he is just fine tuning to be the best . U have been supportive all this while and with a statement from u makes boosts me up for another the second phase of learning and gradual improvement !! Continue to support me with all your valuable feedbacks and Likes.. They mean a lot Sir, trust me !! 🙂

        1. see.. lack of exposure … to the world may make u doubt my fanship… do a little bit of seo instead of doubting my fanship and dont worry I am straight … I loved it … hence i appreciated your work and see I am even being made to explain !! lol !! its nice ….
          I look everything with a positive perspective and may be … thats the reason I i like everything from all gr8 souls on earth …and I am sure you are one !! 🙂

  1. Well a slight objection. Why have you presupposed in the beginning of the blog that only a male reader can give a suitable caption to your comic strip? Why not a she? Correct that please, if you may…
    Coming to the webcomic…brilliant for a starter! Loved it…the caption Witch Chat is good but gives away much before it begins…Had it been a bangla comic strip I would have called it “Online Aatonko”…since its not, lemme think…. “The Fiend Request”…..would it do???? :D)

    1. well le me rectify your complaint first … 🙂 and Online Aatonko can be translated in English … Online terror ? hahahah the friend request is a good option … Witch Chat actually reveals it all the way u said !! 🙂 give me one gr8 comically thrilling title plzzz!!plz !! plz !

        1. oooops !! holy cow !!
          sincere apologies .. 🙁
          only R missing makes so much of a difference hahahahaha
          the Fiend Friend would be puzzling but nice !!
          Now thats making immense sense !
          I got confused , coz … the comic starts with a friend request and then all the goof up .. its my mistake … i forgot … its Geeta who is suggesting a name it cannot be so ‘PAATI’ – as in Bangla 😀 .. so far, i confess ur name is the best .. so a little more wait and I will call it a deal 🙂
          BTW , did u try the link ??

          1. Thnx for the link but I’ve to take some time out and explore coz I am so green about doodling!!!! Thnx once again for taking so much pain. BTW I was a bit confused with your e-mail ID since there was no name. It seems you prefer to go incognito…High time you leak out your REAL name b’coz you know mine “MY SAY”!!!!!

          2. mere dost!!! this is the virtual world … if you are there you cannot hide 😀 😀 what a dialogue sir ji ?? hahhahaha

          3. hehehehe… whats in a name … ?? hehehe our deeds in the praise of Almighty should be known … else what more are we few bones,few muscles and loads of fats 😀 (ideal Urban Indian) 😀
            Born to Perish!! 🙂
            I understand , u have a busy 6 day schedule … well… take ur time . Now u have the link to create the magic .. and that may motivate u sooner than later … the doodler inside u will makes its way out .. need not worry !! 🙂

  2. The me in me: Awesome Nitesh!:) A very grasping comic:) Congratulations for ur first web comic……………and i would suggest the title: “eerie` chats”
    The critics in me: The expressions of that boy(which is the main essence of cartoons) were not visible properly as u set the background color as black 🙁

  3. Wonderful work!
    A suggestion: It is tedious to click all 3 strips separately. See if you can let us click to enlarge and read with one click.
    Title: Nerd in Wonderland 🙂

    1. 🙂 sure I will check if the entire thing can be put into 1 🙂
      thanks for the Title Suggestion MagicEye !! 🙂 thank u for dropping by !!

    1. hehehe.. sir ,i’m happy u liked it !!
      not a bad title however this reveals the twist and would be predictable 🙂 b4 reading
      Ghosts never die anyways gave me an idea for another strip … so its a blessing in disguise 😀 thanks for dropping by sir and encouraging me with your participation and feedback !! 🙂

    1. thanks a ton for the very valuable feedback … and for appreciating and guiding . It is a pleasure you dropped by and gave pat on my budding shoulder as a doodler.I am feeling great! 🙂

    1. Thanks a ton Deepak and all the more thank you for dropping by friend !! hope to come up with more surprising climaxes in the future to get compliments

    1. hei Sangeeta .. thats so nice of you to have left a comment this time .. would work harder to instigate you to comment again!! 🙂 thanks for all the appreciation !!means a lot Sangeeta!!

    1. Hei Nandini , what a pleasant surprise to have u on mysay.in !! I’m Happy !! 🙂
      I wont say I make comics … but i can guarantee I try my level best to… if only they can compel u to comment on my work , despite all issues of wordpress commenting shall i think I am justifying making comics.. till then I prefer be termed trying to make comics 🙂
      Thanks again for dropping by !!

  4. Congrats Mysay, it was brilliant. You have a long way to go! 🙂 Hope that is not a true story 😛 and you are not the boy in the story 🙂

    1. hahaha…no not at all.. by now I would have been in an asylum .. well to be honest , I have used this prank on 18 people ( all my friends – one bakra would give a lead of other bakra ) and there was no one who spent a sleepless night .. I mean , it was not about picking up anything as the comic read.. just about taking a leak .. mean who proud taking a leak anywhere … were my targets …
      I would tell them online .. that I met with an accident and thats were my body lied after death and you took a leak there ?? how will u feel if i take a revenge …???
      😀 … well all my pranks were played very safely so that it does not harm my bakras .. just to teach them a lesson and remind them for lifetime !! 🙂 thanks for dropping by Dipti and for all the nice appreciations and the love story guess work !!

  5. Fiend request? Sounds great! A beautiful title for a beautiful comic 🙂
    Congratulations for your first web comic Nitesh 🙂 I knew it was in you and mark my words-this is just the beginning! Your talent is going to take you miles 🙂 I know you don’t have time so i won’t ask u again for a guest post 😐 but remember that you are not only good at doodles but great at shayari too 🙂

    1. Bushra … you dont need to think twice to ask me for anything coz u r the good omen 🙂 .. I wish i truely were as good as u always show me as both in doodling and shayaris/poems – but yes , your words indeed are so motivating that I give all my best to produce a ‘ok’ doodle and at least a ‘thik hai’ shayari/poem. So many many many thanks for your continuous support and yes the way u said its just the beginning and a long way to go and no matter what, I need a generous reader like Bushra , a motivating fellow blogger like Bushra and above all a supportive human being like Bushra 🙂
      Even you look very busy these days .. posts after posts !! 🙂

      1. Yup trying my hands on some giveaways 🙂 InshaAllah I’ll be there to support you on your way all the time but you’ll have to accept my critical side to :p

    1. hahaha.. arey yaar aap sir kyu bolte ho mujhe ?? Sir aap ho !! Ye ek dam sahi baat hai – MMS mode hahahaha
      sau jawabo se 10 saal lagataar khamoshi acchi 😀 😀 hahhaa

  6. My Dear My Say,
    Though I am in a different mood these days and you know why but just happened to visit your blog and saw the caption you have chosen as best suited to your webcomic. I am humbled and honoured.
    Thanks also for all the nice words that you have showered on me and my blog. I once again take a humble bow.
    God Bless and Be There Always

    1. i am happy you liked it Manjulika .. hope to see you more often here .. 🙂
      find me peeping into your site often as .. I am a blogging nomad looking for good read .. throughout the web :D.. in fact when i right this i got an idea for a new doodle .. so i should thank u in advance dear 🙂

  7. I’ll right away grasp your rss as I can not to find your e-mail subscription link or e-newsletter service. Do you’ve any? Kindly allow me realize so that I may subscribe. Thanks.

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