0 thoughts on “The Smart Stray Dog”

  1. Hee!Hee! You are not supposed to call them stray mongrels. They are the Indian breed which also includes the one in that Gandhian garb……can’t stop chuckling, nice one!

    1. 😀 oh yes !! they are indeed the Indian breed …I should not have been disrespectful…but the one running with the riches ? 😀
      Content ! the work brought at least one smile on earth 🙂

  2. 100% perfect political scenario. Big smiles 😀
    Btw, for your hairstyle query, check the reply in my post. I dono if that’s helpful to you but possibly.. a quick answer i could think of. :p

    1. Oh gave me yet another reason to smile !! So i have a solution I suppose 🙂 thanks for dropping by …how do i address you …. ( i have been thinking since quite a while now 🙂 ) … should i call you RAT !! 🙂

  3. Although I went through the pictures on the first page of your blog in haste as surfing is banned in my office, I couldn’t control laughing out loud when I came across such pictures. Extremely witty and amazingly displayed. 😀

    1. Thank u Maulik … for all your appreciations .. thats the only food for a doodler like me … to help me and encourage me for better work .. thanks a ton for taking the risk of breaking office rules and hopefully it paid off !! 😉 thanks again for dropping by !!

  4. Very apt scenario. Well moulded metaphor. Specially considering the way the skeletions are falling in heaps from the political closets, I would say well timed too.

    1. well appreciations from intellectual minds .. are all the more appreciated … hence thanks a ton for dropping by … and expressing your thoughts my dear friend 🙂

      1. intellect is just a matter of perspective I believe, but no harm in accepting compliments :). Keep up the drawing.

  5. Very apt scenario, specially considering the way the political dirty launrdy is falling out in heaps out of the closets. Well timed.

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