After JDU Sena asks BJP to name PM candidate

After JD(U) its Shiv Sena which wants BJP to declare the NDA candidate for Prime Minister’s  job ! While Sena has no complains with Modi and 2002 riots where they say that none could avoid those riots , it wants Sushma Swaraj to be the candidate and not Narendra Modi (sounds like the present Sena supremo is in  a dilemma) !!  😉
All in all, looks like BJP is in a bigger fix! Nitish Kumar, the Bihar CM wants a secular candidate (without naming himself  😀 )and prefers supporting L.K.Advani as the candidate (whose involvement in Ayodhya Movement has been pardoned by Nitish, I suppose  🙂 )  while Sena declared its choice already.
Lets see if the NaMo mantra will cross the major barriers of objecting allies or not !! 🙂

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Will the NaMo mantra work for NDA allies ?

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    1. absolutely… 2014 might mark a milestone in Indian politics trust me … both Cong and BJP are as helpless they would have never expected .. ever !!

    1. thank u Jeetendra at least few are there who are bothered about Indian politics 🙂 else I feel aloof … 🙂 thanks for dropping by and now that u rightly expressed your view … as per me … I feel there is secularism and then there is Indian definition of secularism which is directly proportional to vote bank politics .. no matter, inside the heart of these secular politicians you would see a ferocious opportunist and communal character hidden inside. Saying that I do not completely support Modi but if you think about the right leadership.. its only him who has the ability …. coz he is not BJP .. BJP is him … a dictator with right intentions is what India needs desperately . Dictator because .. begging and pleading and requesting leads to weak political set up and the result of which we have been facing since over 60 years now !! When was India happy ?? never !!

      1. Yes, I completely agree with your view.. India certainly needs much more than Nitish and Rahul type of politics nautanki…A leader like NaMo who dare to lead India in a big way with a straight vision to bring change…!!!

  1. I believe that politics is dynamic like programming languages and the decisions, policies change as per need. A good TV show researcher can really create a good TV show by adding some entertainment to it so that it differs from actual politics which seems to be boring for many people.

    1. thats a satisfactory explanation Suhas to support the not interested lot ! i loved the comparison .. 🙂 well.. i personally love watching the Parliament Session where they show their true colours !! 🙂

    1. thank u for showering ur comment … others seem to have either discarded these political characters – Modi,Nitish,Uddhav and Balasahedb or may be they have discarded my work ! !! 😀 .. no matter what I plan to continue my doodle attack on the world till my very last breath !! 😀

    2. great cartoon is a compliment !! great man ??? I am not gr8 and most importantly not a man … I am still a kid in his late 20s 😀 😀 haha…
      remember kid in his late 20s… even u’ll be a kid in late 20s after a decade !!! 😀 😀

    1. Indrani .. i would put it this way … we have gr8 leaders with awesome foresight and strategy … but all leadership quality , foresight and strategies are used either for making money for themselves or for claiming their power !! Ain’t it ?? were the so worthless had we chosen them ??

  2. नशा में डूबता रहें बिहार , फिर एक बार नितीश कुमार

    1. जिसको कल जंगल राज कहते थे , नितीश जी , उसके गोद में खेल रहें हैं
      बिहार की जनता जाग चूँकि हैं , अब ना रहेगी गोद और ना खेल खेलेंगे नितीश

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