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  1. As i mentioned before,Beautiful header but absolutely not true 🙂 …………(actually i think it’s only me who’s annoying you with my endless questions :p my apologies:)

    1. arre!!!!! hello ??? ur my morale booster … and I respect your honest feedbacks for betterment …. thanks for all the appreciation so far which has inspired me to keep going and many thanks for pin pointing the weaker sides for me to be able to rectify mistakes ! If you apologize for being honest it would mean I love being in a fool’s paradise where he thinks he is the God and in reality the world knows he is a fool who is day dreaming !! 🙂 so plz plz plz … keep them coming keep them as authentic as they have been …thats the only way I can learn more and produce better !!! This post is just to see if people even take me seriously enough ! And you passed it !! hahaha .. I am checking if there are people who just vote and do not even bother checking what mess I have created on my site !! 😀

      1. 🙂 it’s very true,we only have a couple of honest visitors who actually read our posts others just blab and spam……

        1. hhahaha!! rule of the game u see !!! hahaha….. if u really want to hunt down the black sheep among the white (or may be few white sheep among many black) … put one blank post on your blog and link it to indiblogger … see how many voted … and then u can laugh your heart out after u have detected the wrong guys and even u vote them just for the heck of it !!! what say ? My Say ?? hahahha

          1. Naughty…naughty! And you gals giving me ideas….must try it once 😛
            I like this stop-annoying header. ….! Maid didn’t turn up…and a friend of mine was supposed to visit Kolkata–had to change her plans. Bad patch..honestly!
            I love these cartoons because, I can’t make them.

          2. thanks for liking the header and confessing that u agree with God …. I am little confused if i am mistaken as a girl 🙂 😉 well would have been lot better … 😀 .. not your mistake long hair symbolize womankind more and mine are long enuf to compete with any avg womankind . Dont take me wrong .. no issues with preferences just that a little artistic ..hence long hair and a beard is to symbolize I am into creativity which pays less 😀 like cartooning 😀 and also to symbolize I am a Shiv devotee !! 🙂 Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts though

          3. hahahaha
            no blunder at all .. this will help u remember mysay.in and me all the better (that the guy is not a girl but just a guy with long hair 😀 )
            rag keno korbo !! haha explanation diye dilam .. hehehehe…. In fact i am happy you dropped by !! 🙂

  2. I love drawing a lot! Wish I could draw cartoons like you. But, I don’t have imagination to visualize and draw things on my own. I enjoy seeing your works 🙂

    1. is it ? are they worth a watch ? At times , I get scared if the blogging arena would unanimously throw me out for trying to draw nonsense cartoons … 😀 I am grateful for all your compliments though !! a ray of hope for me that I have few people ready to accept the nonsense 😀 …

    1. hehehehe someone guessed it … !! 😀 😀 overnight I have become a starlet .. thanks two the last 2 days … when i had nothing else to do coz I have been thrown out of job coz an ambitious colleague exposed the a cartoon to the boss- it was the bosses cartoon yelling at us … with his patent dialogues and a pigs face on his shoulders instead his original .. that was it !!! I have time to hunt down …online for like minded people who blog as well… and see I a starlet just coz of my ambitious colleague and arrogant boss… i will call up and thank them if this rain continues … 😀 😀 .. but u dont forget sharing your droplets .. they are important to me !! 🙂

      1. C’mmon …don’t tell me …. is it true? I mean seriously…? Well, errrr….am sorry but hee hee….can’t help chortling. Blog fame in lieu of a job! Oops….is it one of your jokes again? No, seriously….Well, I suppose all of us, the souls chained to the work desks, would like to do something like that…once in a while; I wanted to post a blog on the various bosses I have worked with and their famous idiosyncracies and goof ups…but fear if somebody finds out….anything online can be dangerous…well, I can’t lose my job for the sake of a blog…no way..I have not come to that stage as yet…may be, sometime in future in a state of revenge………extreme case though it would be………but that pig face…uffff daarun!!!!!!!!!

  3. Can’t help dropping a nugget of hard earned gyaan….Chanakya neeti…don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is up to and vice versa…colleagues are a treachorous lot! Beware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. hahahaha…I did not tell u the whole thing…that treacherous colleague turned evil only when he realized the one with a sheep face (which was on him ) got viral to the extent that his “one-sided love” also saw the cartoon and started giggling everytime he would see my colleague … well…i have not spared myself too… and I was the rat … as per my attributes (the one who just does not take warnings seriously and either gets trapped or dies poisoned 🙂 )..
      Even boss had a laugh on the sheep cartoon …. it was ok till he realized the cricket ( i mean the girl 🙂 ) he loves is making fun of him !!
      Well…how long can a drunkard be with drinking and how long can I be with doodling … poor we..the doodlers, dont even have asylums. No matter how hard I try..i end up doodling on almost everyone and almost on everything ….helplessly .. just to get caught since childhood and then thrown out of class, lectures and now offices…. 🙂 Kichu korar nei ..baba hopeless case bole roj shokaale .. ekta 3 minute er power anger express kore … aar maa.. she has been mixing too many chillies since I have been hatching eggs at the comfort of my room …. 😀
      How do i apply the Chanakya neeti being a ‘Doodlerd’ ? 🙁

        1. if ur seriously in the mood of doodling around your creative thoughts then I will give u some websites … make ur own characters (not that flexible as i do it myself on the sketchboard) or even there are free hand drawing platforms but it would take u years to settle your hands on … but the ones where you can pick ur characters and then have call out boxes to exchange dialogues and make an entire comic series … thats there … I would love to see you expressing through doodles !! 🙂 tell me if ur serious and there I’ll send the links ???

          1. If its not too tedious. I tend to get bored very fast with things which take time. Can’t draw either but love to fill in colours. Do give the links. I’ll just try and see if I can do it. Thanks for the prompt reply… but I want Indian characters, is that possible????

          2. let me do a little research then … let me check the forums i am enrolled into .. bhalo aar non time consuming cartoon making site khooje janachchi … Indian character .. hmmm!! I wil get back to u in sometime with the link !! 🙂

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