24 thoughts on “The Geek of 2013”

    1. hehehe it is a header speaking the truth!!! hahaha !! it means the kids of the age are so smart and they know so much about computers that u dont really need to call up an expert if ur computer faces problems !!! again, I am ashamed it did not pass on the message 🙁 although i got inspired for this one when I saw 7 year old kid of a far-relative asked if I can handle Bios !!! I mean , its been decade and more I am always around computers and still know nothing and he knew so much !!

  1. Oi! Nothing to be ashamed! It’s me who didn’t get it! Well now that you explained it’s a great one:) (it was just that in the cartoon it’s not looking like the father has asked the boy to repair the fault instead it’s looking like the boys enjoying his own e-notebook and asking for chocolates :))

    1. so u agreeing that even God wants me stop cartooning by liking the header ? 🙁 🙂
      kids of the date.. loads smarter !! At 9 chaps knw what they are heading for in terms of their interests and career . I mean two decades back kids were at the most thinking about collecting he -man and ji joes at the age of nine and barbie dolls … collecting money for pads and gloves … and look at these new age gurus they know they cannot waste time in relationships ?? hehehe

    1. and they have gone viral too … all of them i know are gr8 with computers .. at the age when our generation would run away from – WHAT IS A LOGO questions ? 🙂

  2. First time to your website. Nice one, true. As Mark Zuckerberg’s dad said, ” While the other kids loved playing games, Mark loved making them ” or something like that.

    1. is it ?? wish my father had found some attributes different enough to compliment me as well.. 😀 thanks for dropping by .. hope to see u frequently !! Happy Blogging !!

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