17 thoughts on “Remember me in your prayer !”

  1. Awesome cartoon but one small suggestion. I read the writing in the first box first then the second one, had no idea which to read first, make it a bit more clearer.

    1. hahahaha.. this was more hilarious than the cartoon… hahaha.. a joke that is poor is a PJ but a joke which was not understood by the audience is an utter disgust for the one who cracked the joke … i apologize .. I will make sure … i do not be lenient while placing the characters and the call out boxes in appropriate places.. u see i become careless right at the end of my work … when I feel i should post it a s a p … !! thanks for the much needed warning !!

        1. Yes it’s making super sense now 🙂 Well it has happened many times, gathered the courage to let u know just for this one 🙂 Cheers to u and ur cartoons:)

          1. hahahahahaha !!! had u gathered the courage before dear.. i would have had more admirers .. than excited visitors leaving the website in a confused state of mind .. thinking .. what ?? what is this cartoon all about ?? and the self-proclaimed cartoonist ? is he a human from earth ??? late came …. great came . I will translate that peace of sentence in hindi – der aye dooroost aye .. 😀 thanks a ton again Bushra!! 🙂

  2. If u happen to bump into beggars in CP, Delhi, they ask for ice creams/McDonald’s burger instead of money! Good one!

    1. well.. even God must be thinking the same about me .. i imagined .. he gives me a enfield bullet and I am begging for Harley …. hahaha… its the beggar inside me (and all of us who believes God is the best donor) which provoked me for this … 🙂

      1. Wow! Superlike. In fact wen like greedy people I am barganing a deal with God, I too tell him he is the only one I can ask from…:)

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