Gambhir Vs Kohli-IPL 2013

IPL in news and not for wrong reasons is like breaking record. This time , so far, it was a disgusting sight when two Indian mainstream players , Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir ended up in a heated conversation.It was clear that both these players had forgotten their responsibilities and ethics . Almost about to be getting into a physical conflict, both Gambhir and Kohli were seen hurling fowl languages at each other . Was it the heat of clubs RCB vs Knight Riders ? Was it publicity stunt ? Or is it altogether something else that made the celeb cricketers stoop down to this level ? 😉
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  1. Both are wrong but many are blaming only Kohli saying he should respect seniors blah blah blah! But, seriously one cannot quarrel without another quarreler.

    1. yes !! indeed!! none could fight with Dravid or Sachin… coz they would never get provoked.. they respected the sport and their individual images !!

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