Justification-Thought of the Day

Justification is the only hurdle to be crossed to achieve what we want – Jack(ed) Roberts
Justification is the shield which protects us from winning against odds-Jack(ed) Roberts

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    1. all it would need is a bit of thinking deep..a little deeper than usual 🙂 .. the only thing between u and ur achievement is a justification …. when u do not have room for excuses u achieve !! U breathe …. coz u know excuses wont help … if u dont u will die !! so there is no stopping u.. thats what we call will power – thats why they say – Where there is will there is way !! .. 🙂 think about it now … u will feel the words are in place and the sentence is making sense … and still if u don’t .. then name me just one more hurdle to achievement !! 🙂
      if there really is another .. i would get to write another quote !! hahahaha .. but I am serious .. if not convinced name me another hurdle !!

        1. if its from your end …. its a justification and if its from someone elses end its forsure a justification …. accept it or not …..
          the best part is .. we know when we are justifying ….be it any action we perform or anyone else performs !! This means u can be whatever you want to be and can do whatever you feel like … fly in the air… or be the world’s richest person … whatever u want .. the only hurdle is ur justification (thats not humanly possible)they who do it are the ones who cross these hurdles … look at those scientists and their inventions and many magicians who defy gravity(and no tricks) and so many more .. Lata singing at an age when people cannot sit properly .. Rehman creating music which are actualy creations and no inspiration from anyone … Bill Gates learning to spend money (the one who became popular for accumulating the most of wealth) .. 🙂

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