Sharad Pawar apologizes for Ajit Pawar's 'Urine' remark

Union Minister and NCP supremo Sharad Pawar on Monday apologized for his nephew and Deputy CM of Maharashtra, Ajit Pawar’s ‘urine’ remarks that ridiculed the hunger-strike by a drought-affected farmer of the state.In a rally he said where will he give water from when there is no water in the dam . Should he urinate in the dam ? And as expected, the opposition has demanded his resignation !!
This is not the first time uncle Sharad has come to the rescue of Ajit !! Well, I pray we all get a loving uncle like Sharad ji !!  😀

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Uncle,Sharad Pawar apologizes for Ajit Pawar’s urine remark


7 thoughts on “Sharad Pawar apologizes for Ajit Pawar's 'Urine' remark”

  1. Even Ajit has apologized . So I think its enough . Coming down from that level and apologizing is not a joke. It requires guts to come in front of public and apologise , so what if he is asking to drink pee from dams . He is the great male heir of honest and uncorrupt minister Sharad Pawar . Everything is allowed for him .
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    1. uncorrupt Sharad Pawar !! hahahaha nice indeed everything is allowed for him 🙂 he has been so generous he did not pee in the dam … yes truely it needs guts to apologize and position to actually say what he said in public … Can a Mango People dare to be Ajit ? 😀

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