Criticism- Thoughts of the Day

The world is like a locked room for people who cannot stand criticisms – 
🙂  – Jack(ed) Roberts
The best of you comes out only after facing constant criticisms and/or constant ignorance.
🙂  – Jack(ed) Roberts

4 thoughts on “Criticism- Thoughts of the Day”

  1. This is very true, infact reminds of Kabir’s doha ‘Nindak niyare rakhiye’… keep you critics near you for they clean you without the use of soap and water.!!!

    1. so true .. the best part of hindi used to be the dohas of Rahim and Kabir !! 🙂 Jo toku kata boe .. Tahi boye tu phool…
      and my friend used to make me laugh by saying jo toku kata boe tahi boe tu bhala 😀

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