Manoj Kumar files lawsuit against Shah Rukh Khan

Veteran actor Manoj Kumar filed a lawsuit against superstar Shah Rukh Khan and film producers Eros International in a Mumbai court today seeking damages over certain scenes in 2007 film Om Shanti Om, which lampooned him. The film was recently released in Japan with the scenes intact.While , Manoj Kumar has asked for a compensation of Rs 100 crores for the scenes in the movie which he considered was insulting him and also declared he had nothing personal against King Khan but he cannot take his insult!
Well, reminds of SRK’s(Shah Rukh Khan) last release -“Jab Tak Hai Jaan” where he plays the role of a bomb-diffusing army guy who used to diffuse all bombs unhurt. How will he diffuse the “Bharat Kumar Rs 100 cr court case bomb” ?  😉

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Manoj Kumar files case against SRK

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  1. vishalrathod76

    Good cartoon . Previously he had filed the suit for one rupee. But still Shahukh didn’t had brains. Thought it was just a rupee. Now there will be a fire worth RS. 100 cr on his backside .Shahrukh’s time is over . Nowadays he is n the news only for wrong reasons. Proud to hate him .
    Travel India

    1. hehehe.. well i have no reasons to hate or even like him … he is like all or any of us .. with combinations of hardwork and luck he has made a position for himself, i feel! But something made me feel bad was he has also made a lavish house in Dubai !!! I mean what ? Why ? Is India a bad place after he retires ? well, again his personal choice but as he is a celeb its obvious his decisions effect his fan following …this one has made me completely neutral about him !!

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