Kejriwal's fast completes 11 days and goes unheard so far !

Looks like fasts against governments do not bother Indians !! So far, all fasts,in the recent past have failed and Kejriwal, the activist turned politician who is also diabetic, has lost 7 kgs in 11 days indicating even this fast would fail. Arvind Kejriwal is on a fast against inflated water and electricity bills in Delhi. While the party claims there have been lakhs of people signing the ‘ bijli-paani satyagrah ‘pledge,it looks like nothing would actually change.Kejriwal has pledged people not to pay their power bills(and everyone else would pay the bills except for him, I suppose).With the summers knocking the door who would risk a permanent power and water cut? The Delhi government  inspired by its counterpart at the  Centre (after all they are the same political party) and the Prime Minister , prefers remaining deaf ears while Kejriwal’s detoriating health may soon put him off the fast .
Meanwhile,the Chief Minister,Sheila Dikshit had her birthday celebrated by party members on 31st March and was seen enjoying a chocolate cake on the occasion ! 😉

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Arvind Kejriwal’s fast completes 11th day and remains unheard!


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  1. vishalrathod76

    All have become quite materialistc in this world. No one remembers the fight our ancestors put to free our country then How can anyone support this poor guy. The mentality today is ” अपने को क्या करना है. वह तो उसकी समस्या है मेरी नहीं . मुझे क्या मिल रहा है .” So nobody is bothered.The rule under British raj was better i feel sometimes . At least everyone was disciplined.
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    1. under British raj we were equal … all of us were slaves to them and at least we could blame them for looting us .. now the people who are sucking our blood are our own nationals and more ferocious and ugly than those English !! Personally, i feel, Arvind Kejriwal is trying to bring Gandhi days back and thats not happening. Rather than fasts and protests against government he should carve constructive ways out if he truely means he is bothered about India.Govt alone is never at fault!!He who comes to power would speak the language of the throne…. so better change people’s mindset so that even when they get the throne they realize their duties more than their powers !!!

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