Sanjay Dutt breaks down

After bollywood star , Sanjay Dutt has been sentenced to serve another 3 and 1/2 years in Illegal Arms Case verdict, there has been loads of politics and drama . Actor,Salman Khan, who is close to Sanjay Dutt reportedly visited him first after returning from the US ย and meanwhile , while addressing the media, Sanjay Dutt aka Sanju Baba literally started crying and then hid his face on his sister’s shoulders.While many claim this was a ย sympathy stunt,a few are taken a back and somehow do not want Sanju Baba to go to jail and be pardoned. The actor has declared he is ready to serve the jail and requested the media to leave him alone with his family and friends till he surrenders.
Well, even Salman Khan has cases of hunting down blackbuck in Rajasthan and hit-and-run case(2002) on his name. As both these actors have dared the law of the land with their deeds , they may have many common things to talk about ! May be !! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Sanjay Dutt breaks down.Salman meets Sanjay


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    1. i guess not ! had this been any commoner , he would have had been booked under TADA . Baba has been relieved of what he is getting is sentence at 75% discount … well I am his fan to be honest personally I am feeling awful… but fact is , he has had terms with those Ibramhims who are responsible for those Mumbai blasts … and this cannot be denied .. its like giving a clean chit to Modi coz the courts have done so… !! Even Modi is my choice for Indian PM post .. but does not justify the wrong he did !!

      1. I like Munna bhai too and Sallu toh pucho mat! Pakka fan^_^ but what’s wrong is wrong and it can never be changed into right so…..sorry fanji:)

  1. I think by now we should all realize that crimes committed by iconic figures should be treated as graver than by the commoners. They are supposed to be role models right?

    1. indeed !! they should be …and they are human too.. they own the right to make mistakes like us …. ๐Ÿ™‚ and suffer as a commoner would !

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