I am proud of Kargil Operation-General Pervez Musharraf

Pakistani former President , General Pervez Musharraf has entered his country again, after a long exile to contest for the country’s upcoming General Elections . With his entry in his country , started a series of news conferences where he has been discussing about his self-exile and reasons of coming back to Pakistan and also declared that he was proud of the Kargil Operation in the year 1999.

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Pakistani former President,General Musharraf proud of Kargil Operation

The Pakistani army together with militant groups, had infiltrated the Indian side of LOC (areas of Jammu and Kashmir controlled by India) and captured strategic locations of the area including  Kargil. Indian forces had to face many casualties yet Kargil was won back by India and due to International political pressure , Pakistani troops were forced to leave other areas they had entered,as well!
Even Pakistan lost many military lives and more importantly had to face world criticisms at all levels.General Musharraf is considered the mastermind of the Kargil Operation.India and Pakistan have had their reasons of conflicts since independence yet people from both the countries,ideally,prefer a peaceful co-existence, at least , now !  It would be interesting to see the performance of Musharraf in Pakistani General Elections. It would better define if the Pakistanis prefer his ideologies or not . It was easier for him last time to over throw the then Prime Minister-Nawaz Shareef and become the President himself. Winning elections and getting back governance of the country may not be a cake walk , this time !!

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    1. wars can never do any good nor can make anyone proud from within … thats the reason Musharraf still faces opposition in his own country .. by common people

  1. Jinnah and Nehru had their own egos . Who is suffering people of India and Pak . Now again Politicians of India and Pak have their Stupid Egos who is going to suffer . People .Can anyone imagine the amount of taxes saved in defense if these two countries were united from past 65 years
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