Saif Ali Khan evicted forcibly from the VIP Lounge at Lucknow Airport

Saif Ali Khan had a spat with security personnel at the Lucknow Airport when he was not willing to leave the VIP lounge where he was not authorized to enter. He had visited the city to promote his upcoming movie ‘Bullet Raja’. Ultimately,he had to leave the lounge and join the commoners’ zone after the senior officials intervened and asked him to be evicted out.
Well, is he yet not a VIP ? Bollywood actors of his status are generally given VIP treatment throughout the nation. Aren’t they ? Moreover he is the son of Β a Nawab-Nawab Pataudi and now a Β Nawab himself by default! Β πŸ˜‰ . And to add on it happened at Lucknow Airport, of all ? It is a city of Nawabs and Kebabs !! πŸ˜€ Is that how they treat a Nawab ? πŸ™‚

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Saif forcefully evicted out of VIP lounge at Lucknow Airport


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  1. It might have had all his preceding nawabs turn in their graves πŸ˜‰ I wonder what they might had felt when their chashmo-chirag became an entertainer in place of pursuing a regal profession!

  2. He is famous for many hotel scams may be that was the reason they treated him like that:)
    wonder what he feels about this,this is going to be news!

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