UNHRC: India votes against Sri Lanka.Anti-Sri Lanka resolution passed

The US resolution against Sri Lanka over alleged human rights violations has been passed at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva with 25 countries, including India,favouring the resolution while 13 against(included Pakistan) and 8 abstained from voting (includes Japan) !
While,Sri Lanka claims the war to finish Tamil terrorism and issues related to it are its internal matters and that US has no rights to intervene, India’s voting against Sri Lanka is bound to tense relation with its small yet strategically placed neighbour(which shares healthy relation with China and Pakistan) . Interestingly,Pakistan voted in favour of Sri Lanka.

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UNHRC: India votes against Sri Lanka


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    1. Yes ..indeed it was wrong … i do not support that in any ways .. however,terrorism has always been counter-attacked and abolished anywhere only by violating human rights – Punjab is a biggest example in our country ! Kashmir and North-Eastern states of our nation are still suffering terrorism because it has not been easy for our army to violate human rights ! I do not support violence be it terrorism or army or police terror ! Although its a debatable issue ! When terrorists kill .. they can easily ..no human rights or UN resolution would be able to control them ! Law for one and not for the other ? I mean, when it comes to our country we would prefer to keep our mouths shut…same is going on in our country !!

  1. Even I feel Indian has committed a diplomatic blunder. We have already pushed Nepal towards China. Now we are doing the same with Sri Lanka. How we hope to coexist peacefully surrounded by hostile neighbours!

    1. indeed ….now we have enemies all around !! Sri Lanka,Nepal,Burma and Bangladesh may not be ferocious but can act as supporters of china when need be..and our dear Pakistan is already sitting waiting for opportunities 🙁 …. keeping aside diplomacy, it is all the more senseless for our country when questions have been raised on us as well.. when it comes to disturbed states of India !

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