0 thoughts on “Maharashtra's drought vs Asharam Bapu's Holi !”

  1. Lovely cartoon. On the name of god, had developed more than 350 ashrams why can’t he donate some money to these poor suffering people. Govt has pumped crores of money to relief but not even a single drop of water is reached. Whole money is gone in the pockets of ministers and govt officials.
    And This stupid Guru is enjoying holi . Do you think , he is god man ? No not at all.
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    1. 😀 thank u Vishal bhai !! Even God may be worried to see a messenger like him who does not bother what the state is going through and is wasting water in the name of religious festival! 🙂 Well.. this happens only in India!

  2. Ridiculous!Water today is so scarce and instead of making it available for poor people one plays holy in it and claims that he is a religious man!Just ridiculous!

      1. Angry on u? umm may be a bit but that’s not why i commented like that:)
        PS: I am quitting blogging:)…forever:) May be i’ll post something once in a blue moon but its a quit,so i won’t be able to comment on ur beautiful cartoons:(
        Cheers and Regards:)

        1. u may very well visit … the site and boost my confidence with ur valuable comments …. even if u stop writing frequently !! it matters a lot for me coz I have few appreciating visitors on the site 😀 … think about it … 🙂

  3. very well take on the issue…I heard about the draught on tv and felt so sad about the people. Inspite of all those so called grants, nothing reach the needy ones. While using water at home, I feel very sad about those people and try n use it less. Howver I wonder, politicians who usurp the grants in name of reliefs, do they have no conscience?

  4. People would follow the trail of any demi god seeking shortcut for amassing wealth and sanctity . Pitiful indeed .
    Very good satire on the take. point impressively put across 🙂

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